Bed Bugs Causing Problems In San Diego County

Inspectors Say Bed Bug Infestations Bad In Downtown, University Heights, El Cajon Areas

Pest inspectors said no place is exempt from bed bugs, but for some San Diego neighborhoods, bed bugs are especially problematic.

In a University Heights apartment, inspectors were able to find multiple live bed bugs. Inspector Eric Payson said the pests are more widespread than people realize.

"It's a huge problem," he said. "Experts are doing bed bug work full-time every day all day long."

Bed bug hot spots include the downtown area, University Heights and El Cajon.

El Cajon resident Corrine Boan and her neighbors said they've all had bed bugs in their apartments.

"It was irritating because you got bit up," said Boan.

"They are painful; I was scratching myself until I bled," El Cajon resident Melissa Reader told 10News.

Pest inspectors say they don't transmit diseases, but the itchy welts can cause stress and anxiety.

Boan said there have been more outbreaks in her area and worried they might come back again.

"It brings back nightmares," she said.

In the downtown area, inspectors said bed bugs have been found everywhere from luxury hotels to rundown homes. They also said bed bugs multiply very quickly and are hard to get rid of.