Assault rifle, cache of weapons discovered in car trunk examined

Most rifles and shotgun were collectibles

SAN DIEGO - 10News on Monday took a closer look into the types of guns that were discovered inside the trunk of a San Diego State University student's car.

David Moore, 20, walked into an underage alcohol sting at a Rolando-area CVS pharmacy on Friday night.

When SDSU campus police searched his car, they found a cache of weapons in the trunk. Police confiscated seven rifles, a double-barreled shotgun and a pistol.

10News asked experts at the American Shooting Center to assess the video of the weapons. Marc Halcon and Michael Bullock were in agreement on the various types of weapons. 

They said a gun that appeared to be a Mauser and most of the rifles are World War II collectibles. One, though, is a popular sniper assault rifle that was modeled after a Russian classic.

"Every one of those guns – with the exception of the Dragunov – you could find on any shelf in a gun shop," said Bullock. "You would find those here… because they're all legal."

An assault rifle immediately sets off red flags, however. The bomb squad was called to the scene on Friday night.

Halcon gave this opinion: "If he was out to do no good, this is not the kind of thing he would bring… bolt action rifles."

They told 10News there is high demand for all the guns, but especially the Romanian clone of the Dragunov.

"They are. They're very collectible, actually," said Halcon. "If somebody likes military-type firearms and it looks like that's what these were, I would say the Dragunov would be the cornerstone of that collection."

There was also a metal ammunition can in the trunk with maybe 250 bullets, but it appeared to be sealed. Also, he had no access from the driver's seat.

"It's supposed to be in a locked container and the trunk is considered a locked container," said Halcon.

Moore is free on $20,000 bail. He is due in San Diego County Superior court next Monday afternoon for arraignment. 

The District Attorney has not yet finalized the charges and is awaiting documents from SDSU police.


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