After disappointing loss, Chargers fans call for coach Norv Turner to be fired

'Fire Norv - AJ' spelled out in lights on OB roof

SAN DIEGO - After the Chargers' disappointing loss to the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, more and more Chargers fans are demanding that coach Norv Turner be fired.

One look at the roof of Vic Willard's home in Ocean Beach shows that he is a big Chargers fan. Lightning bolts and the Chargers logo are all outlined in lights.

Now, Willard has added something else. In block letters, the message is clear: "Fire Norv - AJ."

"Somebody's got to take responsibility and start now," Willard told 10News.

He added, "Norv's got to go, bottom line. Norv has got to go. A.J.'s got to go with him and Dean's got to do that publicly and tell everybody."

Willard is quick to point out that he is not a fair-weather fan. But after Sunday's game, even the biggest Bolt boosters start to lose heart.

"I could draw plays in the dirt and probably make it work better. I mean, the way things are going," said Willard.

Willard's neighbor Strider Dennis has his own take on the Chargers situation. After watching Sunday's game, he is not so quick to condemn Turner.

"Phillip Rivers who is a great league quarterback has no time to throw... absolutely no time to throw the football," said Dennis. "You put Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady back there with two seconds to throw the ball... they're going to look just like Phillip Rivers."

A 10News viewer took a photo of a poster at a shopping mall off Aero Drive that was done in the style of the iconic Obama poster with the word "hope." Instead, the face was Turner wearing an audio headset and the word was "hopeless."

Willard said at some point, the buck has got to stop with Chargers management. At the same time, he says there is one thing about himself and his team that will never change.

"I was born blue and gold and I will always be a Charger fan," he said. "I mean, I'm a Charger fan for life."

As if Willard's roof is not enough, the hashtag "#FireNorv" started trending on Twitter during Sunday's game.

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