Advisory Warns People About Traveling To Northern Baja

Travel Warning Issued By Baja Safari Mexico Club

There's a travel warning out for people heading to northern Baja.

The advisory was issued by a local group with ties to tourism in Mexico.

The group is called Baja Safari Mexico Club.

For decades, members have been recommending travel to places such as Tijuana, Rosarito and all of Mexico.

But the recent kidnappings and ongoing violence south of the border are changing their minds.

For decades the turnstiles at the border have been turning people onto a horseback ride on a Baja beach, a night at a club or a shopping spree.

"We advise against travel to Baja north," said Mike Overcast, with Baja Safari Mexico Club.

Overcast said it's time visitors turn their back on northern Baja.

Recent kidnappings of a businessman in Bonita, a cab driver in south San Diego and other Americans doing business in Tijuana have become the final straw.

"Because of all the rash of kidnappings (and) ongoing crime occurring in Tijuana over many years, we're recommending avoiding travel through the spring to northern Baja California -- in particular Tijuana," said Overcast.

Overcast and his group will stop promoting travel into northern Baja until the Mexican government cracks down on crime aimed at Americans.

The FBI, on the other hand, said a travel boycott is an overreaction.

"No matter what country they're standing in, you should be aware of your surroundings," said Jan Caldwell, with the FBI.

Caldwell said the FBI is working with law enforcement south of the border to crack down on kidnappings in Baja and Mexico.

Tourism officials in Baja said Americans are more than safe.

They said they have taken extra measures to protect visitors. Agencies such as the tourism police are in place solely to protect tourists.

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