2 Runners Mauled By Pack Of Dogs In Valley Center

Brothers Richard and John Garritson Were Jogging On Trail Off Cobb Lane When Attack Occurred

Two runners were mauled by a pack of dogs while they were jogging in the Valley Center area on Sunday.

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Brothers Richard and John Garritson were viciously mauled by six pit bulls while they were jogging down a trail off Cobb Lane, according to family members.

The two were jogging with three other family members through the area when they say pack of pit bulls attacked the group. The attack left Richard with major gashes all over his body.

"My brother [Richard] said, 'I'll take care of the dogs,'" said Jarrod. "They basically were eating him while they kept going."

Richard and Jarrod's brother John was also hurt in the attack. He and Richard were flown to Sharp Hospital and are in fair condition.

The others in the group ran to safety. Jarrod believes Richard saved the life of Jarrod's 9-year-old daughter, who was with the group.

"The first thing I said to [Richard] was, 'Thank you for saving my daughter's life,'" he said.

Jarrod says his brothers tried to fend off the dogs for nearly five minutes and it showed.

"Jaw marks… socks were ripped up," said Jarrod. "Blood was everywhere."

He said the dogs were finally called by an unidentified man. The two wounded brothers then walked nearly a mile down a trail calling for help. Neighbor Samantha Brown heard their screams.

"They could barely move [or] walk," she said. "They were shaken [and] extremely disoriented."

Brown said six months ago, she was also attacked by a pair of dogs in the area when she was riding her horse.

"[The dogs] bit both of my horse's back hocks and he took off," said Brown. "If I fell off, I would've been mauled by these dogs too because they chased me all the way home."

The San Diego County Department of Animal Services said four pit bull mix dogs were impounded from a nearby residence and euthanized.

The dogs' owner could face criminal charges. The name of the owner will not be released until the victims identify the dogs by photo as the ones who attacked them. The owner had seven dogs on the property but could not account for all of them during the time of the attack.

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