2-City Plan For New Chargers Stadium In Discussion

The effort to keep the San Diego Chargers in the San Diego area might depend on two cities teaming up, 10News' Michael Chen reported.

Sources informed Chen that the cities of Oceanside and Escondido are discussing a partnership that would solve some of the biggest hurdles -- finding enough space for both a new stadium and a mixed-used development that could help the team fund the stadium.

The proposed plan would have one city host the stadium while the other city would build the mixed-use development to aid in the funding.

Sources told Chen that in exchange, one city would receive revenues from the other and the team.

Oceanside's Centre City Golf Course will be revived by the city council, sources told Chen, as a possible stadium site after it is placed on the agenda for an October session.

The Chargers will take a look at Escondido and the 17-acre site of its swap meet.

Next week, the team will begin meeting with developers to discuss specific details in order to see if the plan is doable.

Mark Fabiani, Special Counsel for the Chargers, said, "It sounds promising. While it is an advantage for the projects to be connected, it is possible to divide it. The key will be generating the needed revenue to privately finance a stadium."