10News reveals complaints against local dating service

2 sites share same customers, complaints

More than 10 million Americans a month use some type of dating service, but 10News found a San Diego company that many are complaining about.

As a musician in a rock band, Scott Bishop said that he meets women, but he wasn't striking the right chord with the right woman.

"I want to find a quality girl," he said.

After he saw a sign that read "OceanBeachSingles.com," he went online and tried it. That site re-directed him to a local dating service called "The Right One."

"Figured, what the heck, might as well check it out," he said.

After filing out an online questionnaire, Bishop visited The Right One's offices in Mission Valley, where he was shown a book of potential dates.

"I'm imagining, you know, from the pictures I'm seeing in their books, they looked like really hot women," he admitted.

Bishop paid $2,000 for 15 introductions, but he soon felt duped, as those hot women never materialized.

Kay Forrester also signed up with The Right One after she saw a sign that said "RanchoBernardoSingles.com." At first, she thought she was pulling up a social club, but then was talked into the dating service, she said.

"They said it was very personalized matching," she explained.

The active grandmother was looking for a tall, educated companion and got only one introduction. He was uneducated and 5 feet 6 inches tall at best, even though The Right One said he was 6 feet tall.

"Not quite the sophistication I was hoping to come out for $3,000," she said.

She had to sue to get her money back, which she did.

The Better Business Bureau lists 41 complaints in the last three years for The Right One. 10News asked a supervisor at the dating service for an interview regarding those complaints, but the supervisor refused.

Instead, a statement faxed to the 10News newsroom said The Right One was no longer active in California, that the company in Mission Valley has "new owners, officers and staff," and a new name, The Ideal Match.

10News went online to compare the two companies. A couple, "Beverly and Dennis," were featured on the success story page for The Right One as "two peas in a pod." They described the dating service as "great."

The same couple was also featured on the Ideal Match website as a success story with the exact same story.

10News went back to the offices in Mission Valley to ask more about "Beverly and Dennis" and spoke with Bryan Lindahl, who admitted he was the manager for The Right One and is now the manager for Ideal Match.

Regarding the complaints, Lindahl said, "No comment."

Bishop said the experience has left a sour taste in his mouth for any dating service.

"Believe nothing, assume nothing," he warned.

Bishop was able to find a new girlfriend, but did not go through a dating service.

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