10News reveals city rules regarding bad parking

SAN DIGO - How many times have you seen a bad parking job on San Diego streets and parking lots?

In San Diego, parallel parking rules are pretty clear -- wheels within 18 inches of the curb and don't hit other cars.

However, it's drivers who park outside of the lines in stalls clearly marked that many San Diegans said annoy them most.

"They take up more than one spot like they're entitled to two spots," said San Diegan Michael Green.      

"There's so little parking here in San Diego anyhow and to take up two spaces is just not right," said Poway resident Teri Appelson.

If you think there ought to be a law, there is.

In the city of San Diego, you can be ticketed when you park in a lined space without "entirely within the limits of such parking stall," according to Article 6 of the municipal code. Violators are fined $52.50.

The San Diego Port District has the same regulation, 10News learned.

The bottom line: parking on city property needs to stay in the lines.

When it comes to being on the line, Bill Harris of the city's Transportation & Storm Water Department said the law is clear as the lines on the road.

Pointing to an SUV with its tires on the line, Harris told 10News, "Take a look, that's the kind of thing that you see all over; technically that's a violation."

Ultimately, it's the officer's discretion.

The law doesn't apply to private property, such as shopping centers or restaurants.

"What applies on public property should apply on private property. You've got to leave room for your neighbor," Harris said.

Meaning be aware and courteous, even if some spaces are pretty tight.

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