10News Obtains John Gardner's Prison System File

A nearly 300-page stack of prison documents released to 10News Wednesday gave a rare look at accused killer John Gardner's life inside the California prison system.

Gardner's file -- also known as a "central file" -- reveals more problems supervising Gardner while he was on parole.

As previously reported by 10News, Gardner lived in a Mira Mesa apartment complex in September 2007 that was around the corner from a daycare center at Miramar College. The file indicated parole agents realized this violation but may have dropped the ball in getting Gardner to move out.

One statement in the file read: "A review of the record of supervision and conversations with previous agents indicates Gardner was never given notice to relocate at the end of his lease."

The documents also revealed following Gardner's 2000 conviction for molesting and beating a teenage girl from Rancho Bernardo, he was transferred to Donovan State Prison. There, he was immediately placed into the administrative segregation unit, also known as "the sensitive needs yard."

In Gardner's initial interview, it was determined that he presented an immediate threat to the safety of himself or others and was also considered a threat to the security of the institution.

Three months later, he was transferred to the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi, where the documents stated: "The inmate was interviewed to ascertain whether or not he has enemies here at CCI that would preclude his placement in general population."

At CCI, Gardner completed an education program and also had several prison jobs.

According to the file, he earned a glowing report that stated he was an "excellent teacher's assistant, enjoys what he is doing and motivates the students … and runs the classroom math program and has generated great enthusiasm."

The documents also stated how Gardner was written up several times for smoking a cigarette in prison and possession of a butane lighter.

In 2003, Gardner wrote a handwritten appeal in response to one of the smoking offenses. He complained to a hearing staff member, claiming he was found guilty without being allowed to bring forth witnesses and that they believed officers over him. He finished his handwritten appeal by stating: "I feel my right to properly state my case was violated."

According to the file, in 2004 Gardner complained of being threatened by other inmates and was transferred to Avenal State Prison.

In July 2005, Gardner was involved in what the prison referred to as "mutual combat" at Avenal, which led to the loss of family visits and visits with minors.

The file said: "The above inmate has been restricted from visiting with minor children."

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