10News Investigates Man's Vending Machine Promises

When many people think about vending machines, they think about soda and candy.

What most people don't think about is who is behind the vending machines.

In 2000, D. Bashor was a man who promised successful business opportunities through an infomercial.

At that time, he was known as Dana Bashor. Then, and now, his game was pitching consumers on vending machines.

Bashor's companies include Antares Corp., Natural Choice USA, Orion Products and Financial Freedom, which is the latest incarnation of his vending machine "opportunities."

10New investigators heard from consumers from all over San Diego County who asked about Bashor's seminar hitting San Diego this weekend.

Mike from San Diego wrote: "I received a slick mailer from D. Bashor of Financial Freedom, with an invite to a lunch at the San Diego Marriot, La Jolla, on April 5, 2008 …"

Sue from Oceanside received the same invitation and used Google to research Bashor. Her detective work turned up several articles on RipOffReport.com.

One report said, "I'm sure there will be many people who show up at the hotel for his free manufacturer's demonstration lunch … hopefully, they are street savvy."

Unfortunately, Robert Smith was not street savvy.

"Once you get in the room, that's when they lower the boom on you," said Smith.

Another investor, Al Farinacci, told 10News, "What jumped out at me were the pressure and the time they give you to make decisions."

Investors hope to be part of "an amazing moneymaking opportunity."

That is why Mark Saylor invested $25,000 in the vending machines -- all for nothing.

One thing you won't find in Bashor's literature full of promises is the difficulty in finding locations to place the machines. Without a decent location, vending machine investors can't make money.

At a Bashor seminar in Cleveland, Ohio, a person at the event talked about profits being over 50 percent, but later admitted, "there is no assurance you will do as well as these industry figures indicate."

Even if investors don’t make money, Dana Bashor does. He has been running his vending machine operation for over 20 years, but not without trouble along the way.

In 1996, Bashor -- without admitting guilt -- paid a $1 million settlement to the Federal Trade Commission. The agency alleged Bashor's companies "misrepresented the potential earnings and profits" of the vending machines. The FTC also said Bashor used fake testimonials.

Bashor is located in the Los Angeles area, and the Better Business Bureau in the LA area showed that he has 26 complaints, with many asking for refunds.

10News spoke with the companies' director of marketing, Julie Taylor, and asked what assurances do San Diego consumers have that they will get what they paid for.

Taylor did not care to respond but said someone would call 10News back -- no one called back, however.

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