'Top Gun' House To Be In Restoration Project

Graves Cottage -- Known As 'Top Gun' House -- Built In 1887 In Oceanside

The famous "Top Gun" house in Oceanside is set to be part of a major restoration project.

It's been 25 years since Maverick cruised up to Charlie's Oceanside cottage in "Top Gun," but the iconic house still attracts attention, if not affection.

"Guests in our community or tourists have come and had their picture taken in front of it for a while, even today when it's in as dilapidated a condition as it is," said John Daley of the Oceanside Historical Society.

Built in 1887, the Graves Cottage, or "'Top Gun house'" as it's become known, is showing its age.

A fence even surrounds the home to protect it from vandals.

Now, the city of Oceanside is hoping to restore the historic house as part of a $100 million beachfront resort.

"The goal would be to restore it to its natural state and then create into some sort of coffee house or retail," said city development manager Kathy Baker.

The initial $209 million resort was approved by the city in 2008. Once the economy struggled, the hotel went on hold. Baker said the city is considering building the resort on a smaller scale.

Supporters say the proposed four-star resort would provide a huge economic boost.

"It's estimated to bring in hundreds of jobs [and] millions of dollars ultimately in tax revenue," said Baker.

The house would be moved a block north on Pacific Street according to the proposal.

Daley said he is glad the house is not on a highway to the danger zone.

"I think it would be very heartfelt if something happened to this particular resource," he said.

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