'Koala' Editor Running For CSUSM Student Body President

Matt Weaver Says He Wants To Be Student Body President At Cal State San Marcos

A college student who wants to be the next student body president at CSU San Marcos is facing opposition as details of a particular affiliation emerge.

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On Monday, about two dozen students gathered at Campus Village at CSU San Marcos to hear from candidates running for various student offices, including Matt Weaver.

There was not much substance to Weaver's speech. He did not talk about any goals or reveal much personal information other than his major and that he is a junior. He did express his desire to be a campus leader.

During a question and answer session after all the speeches, student Ari Rivera said she revealed what she calls Weaver's secret.

"For those of you who don't know, Matt Weaver is editor of 'The Koala,' which is a tabloid on campus that pretty much creates hate through their homophobic, racist and sexist jokes," she said.

Last March, 10News did a story about UC San Diego student Carli Thomas after "The Koala" newspaper on that campus published a doctored picture of Thomas with male genitalia shoved in her face.

When asked about Weaver running for student body president, student Angelo Ferrer said, "He does not represent Cal State San Marcos and I'd be embarrassed to say someone like that is in a leadership position here at Cal State."

10News wanted to speak with Weaver but he left before the forum ended. Rivera is outraged and said Weaver has gone so far as to promise 7 percent more rape jokes in "The Koala" if he is elected president.

"As a woman, how am I supposed to feel safe being on campus?" said Rivera.

Voting began Monday morning and runs until Thursday.

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