'Geezer Bandit' Finds Fame, Fans On Facebook

FBI Says Geezer Bandit Doesn't Deserve Fan Pages On Facebook

The FBI is asking for help in catching the Geezer Bandit, but they’re getting the opposite response as two growing Facebook fan pages are actually cheering the bandit on.

The senior bank robber now has nearly 500 fans on two different fan pages.

“Just because he's getting this attention does not mean he is someone that should be idolized or glamorized in any way,” said Darrell Foxworth with the FBI’s San Diego Field Office.

But posts that say “I'm down with the Geez! I'm a HUGE fan of the GEEZER!!!” and “Git them banks!! they had it comin',” are clearly cheering the bandit on.

Foxworth believes it may be because the Geezer Bandit does not fit the normal profile of a bank robber. He appears to be between 70 and 80-years old. He even carried an oxygen tank with tubes in his nose, in his latest heist yesterday in Santee, along with a gun.

“We're talking about real victims, real people who are being victimized as part of this bank robbery series,” said Foxworth.

Psychiatrist Dr. Clark Smith said Facebook may be social media, but in this case it’s also something else.

“I think Facebook can be like a mob mentality,” said Dr. Smith. “They're anonymous, they don't really owe any allegiance to anybody, but they can stand on the edges and egg people on to fight or commit crimes.”

He also said Facebook fans believe they’re cheering on the underdog.

Whatever his Facebook fans think, law enforcement describes the Geezer Bandit as armed and dangerous and not worthy of a fan club.