$10M Civil Trial Against Ex-Padre Giles Begins

Ex-Girlfriend Cheri Olvera Claims She Was Abused By Brian Giles

Opening arguments were made Thursday in a $10 million civil trial against former San Diego Padre Brian Giles.

A civil lawsuit filed by Giles' former fiancée Cheri Olvera claims Giles was abusive to her and caused her to miscarry while she was pregnant. Giles, however, claims in a countersuit that he was the one that was abused during the six-year relationship.

One piece of evidence that was introduced into the trial: a 2006 surveillance video taken in a Phoenix bar that shows Giles and Olvera. Olvera's attorney, Su Barry, said the video shows Giles pulling her hair and dragging her out of the bar, where she hits the ground.

"He grabbed her by the hair and head, and slammed her to the ground," said Barry.

In response to the video, Giles said a bouncer backed him into Olvera. Giles was never charged after agreeing to take anger management courses.

"It wasn't always bad, he wasn't always mean," Olvera said in court as she fought tears.

In Olvera's suit, she said she is owed the money because Giles promised to take care of her financially, even though she left him because she claimed he repeatedly beat her.

"She was told she had nothing to worry about," said Barry.

After the lawsuit was first filed, Olvera's other attorney, Cary Goldstein, told 10News, "Shortly before they were to get married, after he acted out again [and] caused her to miscarry a baby ... [she] decided that she'd better not marry the guy."

10News learned Giles' attorneys plan a vigorous defense and will call witnesses that will say Olvera -- and not Giles -- was the one who was physically abusive.

Giles' attorney, Jim Scott, said Olvera once waved a high heel at Giles' face and threatened to strike him in the eye and end his baseball career.

A source close to Giles' camp said his legal team will attempt to portray Olvera as a "gold digger" who specializes in dating athletes and a bitter ex-girlfriend who left the relationship because he asked her to sign a prenuptial agreement.

"You are going to hear how she told people she was going to get millions," Scott said in court.

10News learned Olvera's Facebook page, which has announcement of her recent engagement to former Minnesota Twin and New York Yankee Chuck Knoblauch, will be entered into evidence.

Giles issued the following statement to 10News that was directed to his two children: "What you hear through reports, it's simply not true. We’re going to get through this."

Giles' countersuit includes a claim to get a $100,000 wedding ring back.

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