2012 VW Beetle has a window bug

Everyone loves a new car. Unless that new car has some bugs, and the manufacturer isn't sure how to fix them.

That just may be the case with the newly upgraded version of a classic Volkswagen.

Has a mind of its own

When a VW Beetle has a mind of its own, it can be very funny, especially if that car is named "Herbie." But if you're not watching "The Love Bug," and instead are driving your own Beetle, it's not quite so funny.

Vivian Giang recently bought a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, the first year of its redesign.

She loves the car, and says her local dealer has been great.

But the windows?  Not so much. "The window would either come down half way, or not come down at all, or it would stop," she said.

We watched as she pulled the window up button: the window went up, then down again. It went up on the second try, but then did not seat properly, leaving an open gap near the top of the door.
And it's not just one car.  Google "2012 Beetle window complaints," and you'll find dozens of complaints, even YouTube videos showing the driver's window going up and down on its own.

Owners, including Giang, say even dealerships are stumped. She said "after 2 days, they told me there was no fix at the time."

VW: Fix coming soon

But the good news: We contacted Volkswagen of America, where a spokesperson told us a fix is "imminent," and that dealers should receive repair parts in the next few weeks.

Until then, many owners will have to work extra hard to keep their windows up and in the proper position, which might have been funny in the movie theater in 1969, but is not so funny today.

Caution for car buyers

Consumer Reports Magazine says as exciting as newly redesigned cars are, it's often best to wait for the second model year.

That gives the manufacturer a year to get all the bugs out, so you don't waste your money.


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