Customers to receive coupon after Coach settles class-action lawsuit

Suit was over request for personal information


A class-action settlement decided in a San Diego courtroom will mean savings for Coach customers.

Stephanie Paree is crazy about Coach, and she told 10News, "I have like 10 or 20 bags on the top of my closet."

Every time she hits her favorite store, she usually hands over her personal information, along with her credit card.

"Yes, I've given them my email address. They've asked me whenever I go to the outlet or store," she said.

Attorneys who filed a class-action lawsuit against Coach said that's not OK.

"We don't need people thinking they need to give this information to anyone," said attorney Neil Fineman, who filed the suit on behalf of his clients.

The lawsuit alleges Coach improperly requested the addresses, phone numbers and emails of Coach customers.

Coach denies any wrongdoing, but agreed to the settlement.

Now, any customer who bought something at Coach between Februrary 15, 2010 and February 29, 2012, with a credit or debit card -- and if Coach has an email or mailing address -- will now be eligible for a 30 percent off coupon.

A judge approved the settlement Friday in a San Diego Superior Court.

"All of those class members, all 1,047,000, now have a chance to save 30 percent on all their purchases. They can go in and clean up the store if they want," said Fineman.

Fineman said the lawsuit will protect the privacy rights of consumers in the future.

"We stop future harassment of stores who certainly don't need this information. We certainly don't need this information shipped off to a foreign country where who knows what can happen to it," said Fineman.

Customers need that postcard or email to get the savings.

If you think you may be eligible for the Coach coupon and didn't get one or an email, Fineman recommends contacting Coach.

Consumers can also log onto for more information on the settlement.

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