Debbie's Deals: Ask for a deal

Kohl's, Sports Authority, Target, offer deals

DENVER - When you're checking out at the cash register at the store, do you just pay the price you're told or do you ask for a deal?

Stores like Kohl's, Sports Authority, Target, etc... do not negotiate prices, but you should ask your cashier simply, "Do you have any coupons or discounts, by chance?"

Sometimes cashiers can offer you deal. At Kohl's, they often will give you 10 percent off your purchase for signing up for a credit card.

Target has offered a similar deal occasionally.

At Sports Authority this week, I bought three pairs of shoes. At the cash register I asked, "Since I'm buying three pairs of shoes, can you give me 10 percent off?" The cashier hemmed and hawed, so I said, "Come on, I'm buying THREE pairs." He said yes, then found a coupon in his drawer that gave me 15 percent off. I saved $28 by asking for a deal!

I was recently at the mall with a friend who needed a cell phone charger. I thought the price at the cell phone store in the mall was too much and asked the cashier if they negotiate. My friend thought I was crazy to ask at the mall, but the cashier said, "Why do you ask?" I said I had seen the chargers cheaper at Best Buy so he took $10 off the price.

I've always known to ask for discounts at hotels, but I never thought to ask at a store where the prices are fixed. This has convinced me it never hurts to ask.

And before you go to a store, consider visiting the website, RetailMeNot to see what coupons, discounts and deals other people have found.

If you see a deal, e-mail me Debbie.

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