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Mosquitoes not only bug you when you are enjoying the outdoors, they also carry health concerns.

Now, with West Nile Virus sweeping the country, and 16 cases already reported in Ohio, Cincinnati area homeowners are searching for ways to kill mosquitoes before they create a problem.

Get Neighbors Together

Our partners at the consumer guide Angie's List say you should work together with your neighbors to tackle your mosquito problem.  If you spray your yard, but their yards are full of mosquitoes, it won't do much good.

"This time of year it can be almost impossible to enjoy your backyard if you have mosquitoes," says Angie Hicks from Angie's list. "And it's important you don't ignore that problem because they can carry the West Nile virus. You want to take precautions to protect your family."

Hicks points out there are some simple things you can do to try and cut-down on the number of mosquitoes you have buzzing around.

Get Rid of Water First

First of all, get rid of any standing water. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, so once a week empty water from items like kiddie pools, bird baths, buckets, old tires, anything where water is just standing around.

You also want to make sure you clean out items like your gutters and even check your lawn and landscaping for any place that has standing water.

"Keep your yard well trimmed," says Hicks." Have the yard mowed regularly, keep the plants from overgrowing because all of those things will help to minimize mosquitoes."

You also should check the screens in your windows and doors for holes or any gaps around your doors and windows. Mosquitoes can easily get into your home through any holes or gaps, so make sure you get them repaired.

Sprays Can Be Effective

Now, if you have tried all of those items and the mosquito problem just won't go away, you may have to spray.

Cutter and Off make back yard sprays that you hook up to a garden hose:  these can have some effectiveness, but are not as strong as a professional spraying.

If you call a pest control company, Hicks says you want to make sure you know what they are going to do to take care of the mosquitoes. "What kind of pesticides are they going to use for the project and are they going to be safe to have around your family, kids, even your pets?."

Having a professional take care of the problem will certainly make it easier for you. However, before hiring a professional understand the mosquito problem you are dealing with, may not actually be yours to begin with.

"If your yard is pretty baron of vegetation and resting sites for mosquitoes and your neighbors is over grown and kind of looks like center American jungle they are the ones who actually need the service," says Scott Robbins, Technical Director for a pest control company. "You aren’t going to benefit from (the service) much because they are going to keep coming over and visiting you from next door.”

Now, if you do want to hire a pest control company, Angie Hicks suggests the following tips.

1. When hiring a company to apply chemicals, ask if it’s safe to use around children, pets and plants; ask to see the label of the product.
2. Is the technician certified to use chemicals?
3. Inquire how often the company will come out to apply the chemicals. Is it a regular or one-time treatment?
4. All details should be clearly stated in a contract before you sign the dotted line, including whether the company offers a guarantee.

So start with eliminating all water, then turn to home sprays, and a professional if you are still finding mosquitoes.


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