The dog ate their $300, but not for good

Fla. couple goes to great lengths to recoup money


Florida couple Corey and Hope O'Kelley are not ones to lose $300 without a fight.
Last month Arnie, one of their family’s two beagles, shredded and ate the hundreds in cash while the O'Kelleys were sleeping, according to the Tampa Bay Times.
But the couple didn’t let it go at that.
Instead, they meticulously collected the money pieces that surfaced in Arnie’s droppings and vomit, then soaped and rinsed them by hand, the newspaper reported.
Hope O'Kelley said her father's wife and sister-in-law helped her put the pieces back together, a chore that took about 90 minutes "with wine," according to
After all that, the couple said, their bank agreed to replace the money since the serial numbers on the bills could be read, according to
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