Local ocean water temperatures on rise

Experts: Warm ocean water could impact marine life

Local experts said the rise in temperature of San Diego's ocean water could be good for beachgoers, but not marine life.

Avid surfer Buddy Lynn describes the area's cold ocean water like this: "It sends as shiver up your spine, you can hardly move; you [have to] plunge right in and just get used to it."

Plunging into San Diego's cold ocean water can be a shock to the system.

But not this year.

On August 22, local ocean water was 74 degrees. A year ago on the same day, it was 68 degrees, and the year before that it was 66 degrees.

Experts like Sam Iacobellis of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography said it's not that this year is so hot, it's that the last year has been so cold.

"If this water temperature maintained itself for another two months, then there could be some impact on the marine life," said Iacobellis.

For now, warmer temperatures are nothing to worry about. Iacobellis said it can be attributed to a combination of humidity, wind and clouds, and that it's not necessarily linked to global warming.

"It's pretty normal," he said. "As a surfer, I hope it lasts, but I don't think it will."

Surprisingly, Lynn can't wait to see the warm water go.

"It gets obnoxious," said Lynn.

Lynn said the warm water brings out the crowds.

"It makes it loud and unpleasant," said Lynn. "I just wish the little kids would stay out of our way."

Lynn hopes the young ones will stay home once the cold water returns.

"I'd much rather be freezing and alone," said Lynn.

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