Neighbors say coyotes targeting pets

3 dogs in Skyline area killed in past month

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego neighborhood is on alert after coyotes killed at least three dogs in the past month.

The neighborhood is in the Skyline area, where homes on Siena Street sit next to Paradise Canyon.

For the people who live alongside the canyon, it is becoming a matter of life and death for their pets.

Jobita Kegler went on a frantic search for her two 7-week-old husky puppies.

A 10News crew had just interviewed Kegler's neighbor three doors down about the death of his puppy named Nemo .The puppy, which died Monday, was the victim of a vicious coyote attack.

For Kegler, it is especially scary. Her two Pomeranians were killed by coyotes three weeks ago in the canyon behind her Skyline home. Two years ago, coyotes killed two more of her dogs.

"Oh yeah, I have two dogs already dead," she said. "A coyote killed [them]."

It comes as no surprise to Mario Velis, who has lived along Paradise Canyon for 12 years.

"They're on the hunt, yeah," he said.

As a hunter himself, Velis is keenly aware of the danger of coyotes. He told 10News they hunt in packs and prey on pets such as small dogs and cats. Velis said the only way to combat coyotes is to keep all pet food and water indoors.

"That coyote will go over a six-foot fence... like it was nothing," he said. "Just bing, right over and while they're there, they see Fifi or Fido, that's dinner, too."

As for Kegler's puppies, Shasta and Damon, they were found under her bed hiding from the noisy vacuum cleaner.

"I thought the coyote got it again," she said. "No, not this time."

Coyotes have been prevalent in the area long before the homes were built in the 1980s. Neighbors told 10News they have been especially aggressive this year, often traveling in packs.

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