Dog who survived rattlesnake bite to face needs home

Pit Bull Mix Expected To Recover, Needs Home

SAN DIEGO - A 5-year-old pit bull mix named Abby is expected to head home Friday after being bitten by a rattlesnake Wednesday night.

Abby was rushed to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital by her foster family and given two doses of anti-venom.

The snake’s fangs penetrated her cheek, just missing her left eye.

Her vet bill is expected to be about $3,500.

Dr. Aleli Camacho told 10News that between May and October she treats an average of two to three dogs per week for snake bites.

Abby will make a full recovery and is now up for adoption through the SPOT organization - Saving Pets One At A Time.

To help with her medical bills or to adopt Abby go to

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