Treatment Sheds New Light On Looking Younger

Light Therapy Acts As Time Machine For Skin

Are you desperately seeking a new way to reduce wrinkles, firm up your face and look years younger?

What if you could erase the years without submitting yourself to a scalpel or syringe.

A local company is using a specialized light therapy device to turn back time.

Botox, micro-dermabrasion and facelifts help women with their endless quest to looking fresh and young.

But these time erasers are not for everyone.

"Going into surgery or laser really scares me," said Rose Alesi, a woman who wants to look younger.

The hottest new trend in skin care is a simple form of light therapy that is kind of like a time machine for your skin, 10News reported.

"We are using red light to target fibroblast to energize them and produce collagen and elastic," explained Ray Mead, CEO of Raymond Anthony International.

Lumiere is a light treatment to improve the appearance of skin. Dermatologists have used similar light therapies to treat medical conditions such as psoriasis.

The device emits red light wave lengths to wake up cells to replenish skin. When those cells get energized, they produce collagen and elastic. Then, topical products are used to feed the nutrients to those energized cells.

The Carlsbad company that makes Lumiere claims it can reduce the appearance of fine lines and improve skin's tone and firmness.

According to 10News, over the course of 60 to 90 days, you can really look forward to surprising good results. But some dermatologists aren't convinced this type of light therapy can really have that kind of impact.

"Unfortunately, there isn't any science where a certain wavelength of light that's non-ablative makes any significant improvements in the complexion," said Dr. Richard Chaffoo, a plastic surgeon from Scripps.

But 77-year-old Aliso is convinced. She said she has noticed improvement after just five 20-minute sessions.

"I've noticed a change already," Aliso told 10News.

Aliso gets her treatments at Valley Day Spa in El Cajon, one of 80 spas and salons nationwide that have purchased the light therapy device.

"I think a woman should look good as long as she can -- forever, if she can," Aliso said.

Customers pay between $169 to $549 for multiple 20 minute sessions and skin care products.

Dermatologists said red light therapy like the one used by Lumiere is used widely in Europe but needs further study in this country.

For more information, visit www.Pathwaytobeauty.Com.

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