San Diego man seeks help for skin removal surgery after extreme weight loss

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A San Diego man needs help to complete his radical transformation.

John Allaire, 27, has been on a weight-loss journey since 2015, though he said he's been trying to lose weight since he was 12. Allaire weighed 540 pounds just two years ago.

Today, Allaire weighs 230 pounds.

But the struggle to fulfill his ultimate transformation goal continues. Allaire is trying to raise $40,000 to help with surgery to remove 20 pounds of extra skin he's now carrying following his extreme weight loss.

Allaire told 10News he decided to tackle his weight head-on after he became engaged to his high school sweetheart in 2015.

"Over that first year, I lost 20 pounds from just walking and eating differently," Allaire said.

But that was just the start for him. Allaire moved from Melbourne, Fla., to San Diego in 2016 to join his wife, who is stationed at Naval Base San Diego.


Allaire joined The Camp Transformation Center in Chula Vista and started challenging himself more and more.

When he started, Allaire said he had to modify his routine to get the ball rolling.

"When I first started ... I couldn't even do a pushup on my knees," Allaire recalled. "One of my biggest challenges was having no confidence in myself. I almost walked out during the initial [gym] orientation."

He said he started doing pushups against the wall because "it still was exercise and still worth doing."

Allaire eventually completed 10 of the gym's six-week challenges, which involved rigorous cardio and aerobic workouts. Since August 2016, he has lost 297 pounds through diet and exercise.

Tanya Sites, a trainer at The Camp, said Allaire is the only one responsible for his remarkable transformation.

"There is nothing we did to take credit for John's accomplishment because he is the one who showed up to work out, he is the one who stayed focused, he is the one who prepared his meals, he is the one who was mentally, physically and emotionally invested," Sites said.

Allaire said one of the most important things for him was realizing he could do more when he didn't believe he had it in him.

"[Now] I feel every bit as much motivation to kill it every day when I work out," Allaire said.

"The fact that he dedicated his time and effort to beat the challenge and followed through with 110 percent every single day is beyond incredible," Sites added.


Now, Allaire is faced with losing about 20 pounds of excess skin.

"The first time we were told it would be multiple surgeries we were shocked," Allaire said. "We kind of had an idea, but the extent was a little surprising."

But Allaire's racing against the clock to get the surgery. He and his wife are scheduled to be stationed in Japan this summer for three years. Otherwise, he said it would be at least four years until he can address the problem.

"So far everything we've been told is it's not doable in a single surgery," Allaire said. "There's no amount of working out that would get rid of the folds of skin just hanging off my body."

Allaire said two local surgical consultants had quoted him about $40,000 to remove the extra skin. The surgery involves removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding area.

Anyone interested in helping Allaire on his journey can donate on his GoFundMe or at any The Camp location in San Diego. Over the last two weeks, the campaign has raised at least $3,400.

"I hope that my journey can inspire people who think they're too far from turning it around," Allaire said.

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