Need Flu Shot? Cross Border To Get Vaccinated

Mexican Clinic Offers Flu Shot For $15

Last Saturday, people lined up in Mission Valley to get a flu shot. The lines have become the norm at places where the vaccine is being offered.

But, 10News found a place where anyone can get the shot where there is no waiting and no shortages.

"We do have the vaccine at this moment," said Dr. Enrique Chacon, from Grupo Pediatrico de Tijuana.

In fact, the clinic has a refrigerator full of the vaccine ready for anyone who comes into the clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Chacon said, "We do have a lot of it. People don't come to Mexico to get it. My recommendation is come here and get it. It's a cheap vaccine."

Chacon said his clinic is offering the shot to anyone from either side of the border for $15. As of now, there's no shortage of the vaccine in Mexico.

"I have vaccinated some people who live actually in California. We have the same vaccine the United States uses," Chacon said.

The clinic and many others south of the border are buying the flu vaccine from a lab in France. According to Chacon, it is the same shot being offered in places such as San Diego.

But unlike clinics in San Diego, there are no lines in Chacon's waiting room, no restrictions on who can get the shots and plenty of them to go around.

Grupo Pediatrico de Tijuana Second Floor Telephone: 011-52-664-634-6820

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