Doctors Successfully Remove Brain Tumor On Toddler

4-Year-Old Girl Makes Remarkable Recovery

Four-year-old Madison Durand had never known life without a brain tumor and has endured seven brain surgeries in her short life, 10News reported.

Madison's persistent benign tumor kept returning and was encroaching on vital areas of her growing brain.

"As the tumor progressed it would invade more essential areas that would have eventually taken her life" pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Michael Levy said.

"She had no sense on the right side of her body. Her speech, at best, was putting together two-word sentences," Madison's mother Bria Durand said.

However, her latest surgery, just 10 days ago, at Children's Hospital in San Diego, finally freed Madison of the tumor, according to 10News.

"She woke up right after the surgery and she was moving the right side and she was talking," Durand said.

Durand said that Madison is making remarkable progress in such a short time.

"We were told by four doctors that she wasn't going to live past two and now we know she's going to live a normal, healthy life" Durand said.

Durand said she believes that modern medicine and the determination made a miracle happen.

"I never once have been able to say my daughter is brain tumor free and I never thought I was going to be able to say that, but now I can," Durand said.

Levy said that he is confident Madison's tumor will not return.

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