Company Combines Video Games, Exercise With Healthy Results

“Exertainment” is a new way to help both kids and grownups keep fit and lose weight.

It is a combination of physical exercise and video entertainment and it is the brainchild of a Sorrento Valley company.

The company uses wireless technology to create games that will keep you moving and losing.

You can strap on the boxing gloves and spar with a virtual opponent or you can run, jump and slide over obstacles with Jackie Chan in the streets of Hong Kong.

These are just some of the games created by a local company called XaviX to get kids off the couch and moving.

"The kids don't even see it as exercising. They see it as a lot of fun and it burns those calories and that is the key, to get that physical activity level up," said Miramar College exercise science professor Rod Porter.

The J-Mat is a flat, oval-shaped pad with sensors that wirelessly transmits your movements to the TV screen.

"We can count every single step they take. We can count how long they have been working out for or how many calories they expend," said Porter.

Brothers Keanu and Kalani Newman love the action and challenge.

“It makes me pumped up. I like it a lot,” said Keanu.

Kalani said, "It's like a video game, but with no controllers. You use your body and in the boxing game, you use gloves and you can knock out a real person."

High school athlete Mariah Roberts, 15, plays basketball, volleyball and track and doesn’t miss an opportunity to work out.

"This product really does help. When I can't practice, I have this," said Mariah.

But this isn’t just for kids. Adults can pump up their heart rate and work up a real sweat.

To many, it’s a full-body workout that’s fun and challenging.

Both the J-Mat and Power Boxing products keep track of calories burned for each user.

The cost of the system ranges from $170 to $260 depending on how many game cartridges you purchase.

The company also makes tennis, baseball and bowing games which are also designed to give you a great workout.

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