Cat With Nine Lives Celebrates Holidays In New Home

Mia Poisoned In Tijuana, Burned In Cedar Fire

Home for the holidays has more meaning than ever for one Scripps Ranch cat and her family.

Pete Johnson and Diane L'Esperance and their cat, Mia, spent their first full day in her newly re-built home on Thursday. The house was destroyed in the Cedar Fire last October and Mia suffered serious burns to her paws, face and ears.

They celebrated their homecoming and the holidays with champagne, a family tradition.

"So we're going to celebrate -- we've got the champagne chilling. We're ready and we figured even if we were going to have turkey sandwiches, we were going to heave turkey sandwiches with champagne in our house," L'Esperance said.

Mia is a bit more cautious than curious about her new surroundings.

"Right, now she has a very good pain patch on her," L'Esperance said.

L'Esperance rescued Mia a month before the fire from a life on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico where she had eaten a good amount of rat poison.

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