Best ways to 'unplug' on your holiday vacation

(KGTV) - The holiday season often means spending quality time with family and friends, but in this digital age, it's becoming more and more difficult to stay focused on the important non-digital things in life.

So, what are some things you can do to have an enjoyable -- and "unplugged" -- holiday season?

Turn on that "out of office" message at work
-- Sure, your job can be really important and there may be messages you don't want to miss, but if you really want to get away and enjoy your holiday time off make sure you activate an "out of office" message for your work email and phone. Let others know what dates you won't be accessible and give a return date.

Make a commitment to stay off social media and personal email
-- It's easier said than done to stop yourself from accessing social media or your personal email account, but for the sake of your time off, it will take a lot of willpower. If you use social media for news, try picking up a newspaper or give yourself a set amount of time to catch a newscast on television. As for personal email, give yourself a short amount of time per day to check on anything important. Oh, and turn off any notifications/alerts.

Limit screen time for the whole family
-- Another thing that is quite difficult to pull off this day and age, but it can be done if everyone buys in. The idea of a holiday vacation with your family means spending meaningful time with your family. Taking cell phones, computers and tablets out of the equation can go a long way in helping create a fun and memorable holiday vacation. If you must, put in specific time limits for screen time.

Cure boredom with non-digital activities
-- Many people turn to video games or mobile apps to help keep themselves entertained. On a holiday vacation, this time could be spent doing something fun together as a family. Talking walks, playing board or card games or reading books (OK, maybe a book on your tablet will be acceptable) can fill the gaps during any vacation downtime.

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