Treatment for cancer patient who was victim of hoax questioned

Patient being treated at Valley Center ranch

VALLEY CENTER, Calif. - The 19-year-old cancer patient 10News told viewers about earlier this month continues treatment at a Valley Center ranch run by a controversial doctor.

Thomas Doty traveled to San Diego from Washington State seeking treatment in hopes of beating life-threatening cancer. The teen, who has a rare form of bone cancer, fell victim to a hoax after a mysterious woman who offered to pay his medical bills disappeared. But that hoax may not be the only problem with Doty's treatment.

"This kid has not had a break,” said Doty’s mother, He's been going through this since he was 16 years old."

Tiffany Doty said it’s costing her family a minimum of $2,000 a day of her son to stay at the ranch in Valley Center operated by Robert Young, Ph.D.

Young preaches that exercise and a raw food diet that balances one’s pH level is all that's needed to never get sick.

"You don't get cancer; you don't get diabetes,” said Young in a promotional video. “You have to do it. It's a matter of choice."

Young is not a medical doctor. He is a microbiologist.

While living in Utah several years ago, Young was charged with two felonies for practicing medicine without a license. One charge was reduced to a misdemeanor. The other was dismissed.

Young was not available for comment since he's traveling in Europe.

Young's spokeswoman pointed to many sick people who have gotten better while at the ranch, including Doty.

Tiffany Doty posted these online comments Thursday::

"When we found out that we were coming to the pH miracle living facility, it was like we just won the lottery!  Now, after being here just one week, we are seeing positive results and that is so encouraging for Thomas."

She told 10News that her son is doing much better.

"[Thomas’] color is much better, dark circles under his eyes were gone and his constant stomach issues from the massive amounts of pain medication he has been taking are gone," she said.

The spokeswoman told 10News three licensed medical doctors treat patients on the ranch, not Young.

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