Home Depot Is Selling A 12-Foot Skeleton For Halloween

Home Depot Is Selling A 12-Foot Skeleton For Halloween
Posted at 5:12 AM, Aug 09, 2020
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While it’s too early to know how Halloween will play out this year — will there be parties and trick-or-treating? — there is one thing that will definitely still be happening: decorations!

Whether inside or outside, decorating for Halloween is something I look forward to every October, this year included. If you’re looking for some outdoor decor to make a spooky statement, you might be surprised to know The Home Depot has a variety of gigantic Halloween decorations, including a 12-foot-tall skeleton with life-like animated LCD eyes.

The Home Depot

A skeleton that’s 5 feet taller than Shaquille O’Neal is probably best used outside but if you have high ceilings, and don’t scare easily in the middle of the night, you could even set it up inside your house. It’s powered by four batteries, which make it light up and make its eyes move and blink.

It will have to be put together and The Home Depot says it will take two people an hour to do it, so make sure you set some time aside. It also comes with a timer so you can make sure it is only activated for certain hours of the day. You can order it from The Home Depot for $299, though it’s currently on backorder.

The Home Depot

The giant skeleton joins dozens of other over-the-top Halloween decorations at The Home Depot, including a 6-foot Jack-in-the-Box, a 7.5-foot Headless Horseman and a nearly 6-foot dragon that connects to a fog machine so it appears to be breathing smoke.

The dragon, which also has LCD-illuminated red eyes, costs $399. The fog machine is sold separately, but the home improvement store even has those starting at $34.

The Home Depot

Of course, the next best part of Halloween is candy and, have no fear, there will be plenty of that this year, too.

Haribo has a new Scaremix that offers sweet and sour spooky gummies with a mix of Boo Bears, Dracula’s Rings, Spooky Twin Snakes, Blood Orange Cola and Black Cherries. They also have S’Witches Brew and Sour Vampire Bats, all of which are available at Walgreens, Target and CVS.


Hershey’s has also already announced its special candies for this Halloween, which include Reese’s Franken-Cups, Kit Kat Witch’s Brew, Hershey’s Vampire Kisses and Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Crème Fangs.

While the Reese’s Franken-Cups taste the same as a regular Reese’s Cups, they have green crème on the bottom. The Witch’s Brew Kit Kat’s are also green but are marshmallow-flavored, and the Vampire Kisses are filled with bright-red, strawberry-flavored crème.

The Hershey Company

Just because it will probably be a little different doesn’t mean this Halloween can’t still be full of spooky fun!

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