Local woman's lawsuit over 'Titanic' moves forward

Princess Samantha Kennedy claims ideas stolen


A lawsuit filed by an Imperial Beach woman over the hit film "Titanic" is moving forward.

Princess Samantha Kennedy said the movie's director, James Cameron, took some of her ideas from her unpublished novel and used them in his Oscar-winning movie, including a scene in which Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) sketched a nude Rose (played by Kate Winslet) in her quarters.

Other scenes Kennedy said were stolen include one of the first in the film, when Jack won a ticket to board the Titanic, as well as the scene when Jack and Rose made out in a car in the ship's cargo hold.

"I have 480 pages of side-by-side comparisons between my copyrighted work and the motion picture," Kennedy said.

Kennedy filed a lawsuit against Paramount Pictures for millions of dollars in royalties from the second-highest grossing movie of all time.

Kennedy claims Paramount discovered her book from an earlier lawsuit.

In an interview with 10News earlier this year, Kennedy could not produce the documents from that lawsuit.

When asked why she had not come forward during the 15 years following the film's release, she replied, "I haven't been to a theater since 1994 or '95."

She said around the time "Titanic" was originally released, her father had passed away and she was too wrapped up in the tragedy to contemplate seeing any movies. When Kennedy finally did see the film many years later, she said she immediately noticed the parallels.

"I saw the movie in the last year and was pretty surprised," she said. "I started seeing a lot of similarities."

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