Divorced couple's engagement video goes viral

(KGTV) - An Ohio couple who divorced are engaged again in a viral video recorded by their son.

Jeffrey Agan posted his parents’ story on Twitter.

The couple were married for more than 20 years and had eight children.

Their first wedding was televised by an electronics store because they couldn’t afford a traditional ceremony, Agan wrote.


“When their marriage failed, our whole family was devastated and torn apart,” wrote Agan.

He wrote that the turning point happened when both parents went on separate journeys of self renewal. His father lost weight at the gym, wrote poetry, and spent more time with his grandchildren. A former truck driver, Agan’s father went back to school and became a nurse. Agan’s mother meditated and found peace in nature.

Agan started a GoFundMe account for his parents’ second wedding.

“I want to give back in one way, to give them the dream wedding every couple desires. A perfect conclusion to a beautiful, and very true story,” he wrote.

The couple’s goal of $2,000 was met within a day of the posting.

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