ZenBusiness Review for 2023: Pros, Cons, & Features

ZenBusiness Review: Get insights into ZenBusiness's streamlined approach to business formation and compliance with the pros, cons, and success stories.
2:28 PM, Jun 30, 2023
2:28 PM, Jun 30, 2023
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Are you tired of navigating the complex world of legal obligations when starting a business? Look no further than ZenBusiness. In this analysis, we will thoroughly explore this innovative platform and its ability to assist in the establishment and growth of new businesses. 

Whether you require assistance with LLC incorporation or annual report filings, ZenBusiness has everything you need. Let's delve into the features of this powerful tool and discover how it can propel your company to success.



What Is ZenBusiness LLC?

In 2015, ZenBusiness LLC was established in Austin by Ross Buhrdord with the backing of venture capitalists. The organization's main goal is to empower individuals by providing them with the necessary resources to start their own businesses. 

ZenBusiness LLC offers a variety of tools and services to assist in the registration, launch, and growth of companies. Recently, ZenBusiness LLC announced that it has successfully secured investments totaling over $200 million. 

This achievement has contributed to their current valuation of $1.7 billion, making them the fastest-growing company in Austin. Notable figures like Mark Cuban have acknowledged this accomplishment, with Cuban himself becoming an ambassador for the ZenBusiness LLC initiative.

Our Verdict on ZenBusiness LLC

Although ZenBusiness is a newer player in the business formation services industry, it has already surpassed its competitors by offering more affordable plans and superior customer support. 

When it comes to setting up a corporation or Limited Liability Company, ZenBusiness provides three options, each of which includes an annual report service to ensure compliance with filing requirements. With ZenBusiness LLC, you can expect excellent service and great value. 

In addition to the standard packages offered by other LLC formation services, ZenBusiness goes the extra mile by providing additional resources. These include an invoicing tool and an operating agreement template, among others. 

While services like obtaining an EIN, building and hosting a website, and expedited paperwork filing are part of the pricier options.

ZenBusiness LLC at a Glance 

After conducting our thorough evaluation of ZenBusiness, we can confidently affirm that it stands out as the leading LLC service in terms of its competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, and an impressive array of features. 

When it comes to initiating the incorporation or formation of an LLC through ZenBusiness, you have the flexibility to choose from three distinct pricing tiers. ZenBusiness provides a diverse range of plans, starting from free and going up to $299 per year (excluding state filing costs). 

Regardless of the package you opt for, you will receive a comprehensive annual report filing and preparation service for a whole year. Moreover, ZenBusiness LLC offers a complimentary invoicing application that allows you to effortlessly invoice your clients without the need for any additional software.

Who Should Use ZenBusiness LLC?

ZenBusiness is a well-respected agency that focuses on helping people achieve their dream of starting their own business. They offer tailored services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, online sellers, artists, and real estate investors. In this ZenBusiness review, we will explore how ZenBusiness supports aspiring entrepreneurs and why they’re considered one of the top choices in the industry. 

Many people abandon their dreams too soon due to feeling overwhelmed by the process. That's where ZenBusiness steps in - they provide access to legal advice during these challenging and confusing times. As a reputable agency, ZenBusiness specializes in forming limited liability companies and corporations. 

During your consultation, they may suggest various strategies to help you successfully establish your business. Overall, clients have had a positive experience with ZenBusiness, praising their expertise and personalized approach to business formation. 

If you're ready to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality, consider partnering with ZenBusiness for all your business formation needs.



ZenBusiness Pricing 

When it comes to ZenBusiness LLC, you have three service levels to choose from. Each level has its own unique capabilities and price point. 

By starting with a more basic and cost-effective service tier, you can avoid unnecessary expenses for features and services you may not use. This also allows for easy upgrades when needed. 

Furthermore, you can add optional services like a company website and domain name for an extra fee. This gives you the flexibility to customize your plan based on your specific needs. 

Now, let's dive into a detailed ZenBusiness review to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

ZenBusiness LLC Starter

By opting for an annual subscription to ZenBusiness Starter, you can enjoy all its benefits for just $49. It's important to note that this price doesn't cover state fees or optional upgrades, as these vary depending on your state and business type. 

With this package, you'll gain access to the ZenBusiness site, receive support via phone and email, enjoy normal filing speed, and utilize name availability search tools. These features are all part of the basic business filing service that you can take advantage of. 

Moreover, when you sign up for this package, you'll receive one year of free ZenBusiness registered agent service. Many businesses find this service valuable as it provides them with a centralized location for receiving legal documents. It's definitely worth considering using a ZenBusiness registered agent for your business. 

To learn more about ZenBusiness and its services, please refer to our comprehensive ZenBusiness review. Furthermore, this service category includes a CPA evaluation of your business's accounting and bookkeeping needs, as well as the creation of operating agreements and bylaws. 

Additionally, you have the option to add on services like registration for an employer identification number (EIN), website hosting, and other similar offerings. Keep in mind that there will be extra charges for these supplementary services.

ZenBusiness LLC Pro

The ZenBusiness Pro plan is a significant upgrade from the Starter plan, offering a wider range of features. These include fast filing, banking resolution paperwork, generation of employment ID numbers, and compliance checks and notifications. Please note that the base price of $199 per year for this plan does not cover additional features and state filing fees. 

However, you have the option to pay an extra $100 for expedited filing. Alternatively, you can choose to allocate an additional $100 towards a company website or $25 for yearly domain registration. 

In conclusion, the ZenBusiness Pro plan is an excellent choice for those in need of comprehensive business solutions. For more information on this exceptional service, be sure to read our detailed ZenBusiness review.

ZenBusiness LLC Premium

If you're in the process of launching a business and need a thorough legal service, ZenBusiness Premium is a highly recommended choice. 

For a reasonable annual fee of $299 (plus any relevant state filing fees), ZenBusiness Premium users can take advantage of all the platform's features. 

With this package, you'll receive all the necessary tools to establish and operate your company, including a ZenBusiness registered agent and essential annual filings like website and email addresses. If you're seeking a comprehensive ZenBusiness review, this package is definitely worth considering.



ZenBusiness LLC A-La-Carte

If you desire greater control in choosing the services you wish to invest in, ZenBusiness provides a distinctive option that enables you to personalize your own package. To access this service, you must first create an account with ZenBusiness and provide some essential personal details. 

The pricing information for each item is clearly stated on the ZenBusiness pricing page. In this ZenBusiness review, we will explore the particulars of how this "build your own package" service operates and assess its advantages and disadvantages.

Is ZenBusiness Right for You or Your Business?

If you're considering LLC services, ZenBusiness should be your top choice. They offer a convenient and customizable service, allowing you to tailor your subscription to fit your unique requirements with their wide range of optional add-ons. 

When it comes to forming an LLC, ZenBusiness is the ideal solution. It offers affordability and user-friendliness, making it a great option for anyone. In this ZenBusiness review, we'll explore why it's such a fantastic choice.

What Are the Pros of Using ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness has garnered predominantly positive feedback from its user base. It's not uncommon for some customers to encounter issues with ZenBusiness, as is the case with any service provider. However, the advantages of ZenBusiness that are frequently highlighted by its users are as follows.

ZenBusiness Review: Pricing

When you're at the beginning stages of your journey, every penny counts. The expenses associated with utilizing ZenBusiness are significantly lower compared to other similar services. The same level of functionality offered by competitors would cost you multiple times more while seeking assistance from a corporate lawyer would be ten times as expensive.

ZenBusiness Review: User-friendly

Starting a business for the first time can be an exciting and anxiety-inducing experience. It's normal to feel overwhelmed, but ZenBusiness is here to provide you with complete support at every step. 

As a ZenBusiness client, you can rely on their user-friendly website and excellent customer service to simplify the process of incorporating your business and submitting all necessary documents on time. With ZenBusiness, you can save valuable time as they take care of everything else for you.



ZenBusiness Review: Add-on features

Instead of upgrading to a more expensive plan, you have the option to include a range of specialized add-on services without any extra charges. Below are some of the frequently requested services and their respective prices.

  • Domain name registration: $25 annually
  • Worry-Free Compliance services: $119 annually
  • Expedited filing speed: $50
  • Certification of good standing: $75
  • Business Website: $100 annually
  • Annual report filing: $75
  • Business bank account: $110 annually
  • Rushed filing speed: $100
  • Banking resolution templates: $30
  • Business document template library: $99
  • Standalone ZenBusiness  registered agent: $99 ($149 when with compliance assistance)
  • Business license report: $99
  • Filing amendment: $100

Exceptional turnaround time

ZenBusiness can assist you in incorporating your company in all fifty states of the United States, including the District of Columbia. Even during peak times, their highest-priced plan can ensure that your company is up and running within a few days. 

Although the cheaper plans may take a bit longer, they’re still faster than most other options. Typically, it should take no more than a few weeks to formally incorporate and register your business.

Worry-free compliance

As a business owner, you have numerous legal obligations to fulfill. One of these is submitting an annual report within a specified timeframe. Failure to comply can result in severe penalties and a tarnished relationship with the government. 

It's common for company owners to overlook such details as they become accustomed to their role. ZenBusiness offers automated reminders, report analysis, and filing assistance to help you stay on top of your responsibilities and maintain a strong reputation.

Accounting consultation

Before you kickstart your business, it’s crucial to dedicate sufficient time to establish your company's accounting and financing. This aspect can be quite intricate and demanding if you attempt to tackle it alone. ZenBusiness offers a range of accounting services, including invoice management, tax preparation, and the creation of business records, to make this process more manageable for you.

Online assistance

In the modern era, having an online presence is crucial for the success of any business. However, establishing a digital company from the ground up can be both expensive and time-consuming if you attempt to do it alone. 

Thankfully, ZenBusiness offers a range of services, such as website creation, domain registration, and email hosting, to assist you in getting your company online. By utilizing these services, you can enhance your company's online visibility and credibility.

What Are the Cons of Using ZenBusiness?

Certain features are expensive

ZenBusiness offers a range of helpful tools for new entrepreneurs. However, if you're only looking for assistance with registration and paperwork, you may not find many of these extra features beneficial. You have the freedom to select the features you want, but some of the more popular ones come at a higher cost. For example, spending $70 on EIN filing might be hard to justify.

Recurring registered agent fees

During the initial year of your company's operation, it’s a requirement to engage the services of a registered agent from ZenBusiness. Unfortunately, you will have to renew your membership in order to continue benefiting from their services. 

While you have the option to seek their assistance, it’s highly improbable and may not be worth the associated expenses. To avoid the $119 renewal fee, it’s crucial to cancel your subscription on time. 

However, it’s important to note that renewing your membership isn’t obligatory, and ZenBusiness distinguishes itself by offering a transparent 60-day money-back guarantee, which sets it apart from its competitors.

Online features are lacking

When you choose ZenBusiness, you not only get access to their online support but there are other reasons why they stand out. One of the notable benefits is the free website creation, domain name, and email service they offer. However, if your company requires these features, you might find more suitable alternatives.

ZenBusiness Features

ZenBusiness simplifies and accelerates the process of submitting essential legal documents for entrepreneurs. Rather than hiring costly attorneys or specialists to handle your company formation paperwork, ZenBusiness allows you to do it all yourself. 

If you've ever tried to navigate the complex legal requirements of starting a business on your own, you understand how challenging it can be to ensure you've fulfilled all your obligations, especially considering the varying criteria from state to state. 

This process can also be time-consuming as you wait for the state to approve your paperwork. ZenBusiness is an online tool designed to streamline the management of these tasks and other activities that arise during the growth of a company. 

Depending on your chosen price plan and location, ZenBusiness offers a range of services to assist you in incorporating your business and beyond.

  • Business formation (LLCs or corporations)
  • Ongoing state compliance requirements
  • Operating agreements
  • Banking resolutions
  • New York state business formation publication
  • Name availability search
  • Filing amendments
  • Certificates of good standing
  • Federal employer ID number
  • DBA (doing business as) registration
  • Annual business reports
  • Registered agent services

ZenBusiness provides a range of additional services alongside its main offerings. These optional extras include a complimentary assessment from a licensed accountant who can help you navigate your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax matters during your first year in business. 

With ZenBusiness, you can conveniently address all your business requirements in one place. From registering a domain name to comparing business credit cards and insurance rates from leading companies, they offer a comprehensive solution.



ZenBusiness Reviews From Real Users - How Legit Is It?

To make things easier for you, we've gone through numerous online ZenBusiness reviews to gather insights from real customers. If you're wondering whether ZenBusiness is a legitimate service that yields results, you'll find the answer here. 

Based on Trustpilot evaluations from actual users, ZenBusiness has received an impressive average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. This indicates that users are generally satisfied with the service provided by ZenBusiness.

Alternatives to ZenBusiness

Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is a company that specializes in assisting individuals in swiftly and effortlessly establishing limited liability companies. They offer a range of services specifically tailored for LLCs. In addition to streamlining the process of creating an LLC, Swyft Filings provides personalized support to ensure that businesses adhere to all relevant local, state, and federal regulations.



Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an online branding and design agency that helps businesses create a cohesive and professional brand identity. They offer a range of branding services, including logo design, business card creation, and social media profile design. Additionally, Tailor Brands provides a collection of design elements that can be used to create personalized marketing materials.



Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent offers a range of business services, including registered agent services, compliance management, and document filing. They specialize in forming LLCs and provide ongoing support and valuable resources to ensure their clients remain in compliance and achieve success. If you're looking for assistance with forming an LLC, look no further than Northwest Registered Agent.



ZenBusiness Review – Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have provided responses to the most commonly asked questions regarding the ZenBusiness review.

Is It Worth It to Pay $119 for the Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee?

Rest assured that your company formation paperwork has undergone a comprehensive audit through our compliance assurance service. This ensures that you will not encounter any issues with the IRS or other government agencies. Thanks to our yearly filing report reminders, you can avoid late fees and other penalties. By utilizing our service, you can have complete confidence that:

1. Annual filing report notifications

2. Two annual amendment filings (at your expense)

3. File the necessary paperwork with the state (at your own expense)

4. Protection against fines for failing to meet state regulations by the specified due dates

How Do I Contact ZenBusiness Customer Support?

ZenBusiness is known for its prompt response to support requests. Our team is available to assist you during the week, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Central Time, through phone, chat, or email. On Sundays, we’re here to help from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. To get in touch with our service crew, you can call 844-493-6249 or send an email to support@zenbusiness.com.

Is the ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service Necessary?

Certainly! A ZenBusiness registered agent service is mandatory for all businesses, as per the law. ZenBusiness acts as a registered agent, handling legal and tax documents, notifications of lawsuits, and official government correspondence on behalf of your business.



Bottom Line on ZenBusiness Review

When it comes to registering your company, ZenBusiness is a top contender that you should seriously consider. They offer affordable rates without compromising on the quality of their support. 

The membership fee is completely justified by the extensive range of capabilities they provide to their users. Despite some minor imperfections, ZenBusiness remains an excellent choice for anyone in need of assistance with company registration. 

The process of registering a business can be intricate, involving tasks such as completing paperwork, paying filing costs, and choosing a suitable company name. It’s crucial to compare different company registration services before making a decision. 

Conducting a ZenBusiness review will reveal that they’re indeed a worthy option to consider.



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