Who Called Me From This Phone Number? How to Find Out

Do you keep receiving calls from an unknown number? Learn how to find out who called you from this phone number with our helpful tips in 2023.
2:34 PM, Jun 30, 2023
2:34 PM, Jun 30, 2023
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Receiving a call from an unidentified number is a common occurrence. It can leave you wondering about the caller's identity who is calling you from this number. The caller could be a variety of people, including pranksters, telemarketers, old acquaintances, or even stalkers. 

Knowing who the caller is can be crucial in deciding how to proceed, whether that be returning the call or blocking the number. There are many phone lookup tools available, but selecting the right one can be challenging.

This article provides a curated list of the top sites, including their advantages, disadvantages, features, specifications, and links to their websites.



7 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Sites to Find Out Who Called You

BeenVerified: Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site Overall 

If you need to confirm the identity of someone who called you and has a specific phone number, BeenVerified is an excellent resource. They conduct an extensive investigation and produce a highly detailed report. 

This report can assist you in verifying the identity of someone who called you. It’s designed to determine whether the name provided by the caller is accurate or not.

Additionally, BeenVerified provides details about the person's social media activity, age, and whereabouts. The site also offers a list of similar phone numbers related to the original number you searched. 

If you're wondering, "Who called you?" then reviewing these related numbers can provide valuable information about the unidentified caller.


  • Presents data collected from social media
  • Has a simple smartphone app
  • Simple and swift revocation


  • There isn't any sort of risk-free trial offered
  • The search process might be time-consuming
  • Report usage is restricted

PricingBeenVerified doesn’t offer a solitary search alternative and necessitates a complete membership to utilize its reverse phone lookup function. The various packages available for BeenVerified are priced as follows:



PeopleLooker - Best Phone Lookup Sites for Fast Results

Looking for information on who called you? PeopleLooker is the perfect search engine for you. With its comprehensive and extensive search service, users can easily find people's information by simply keying in their phone numbers.

It’s an ideal tool for those who want to reconnect with someone, verify a caller's identity, or conduct an investigation of who called you from this phone number. 

If you're wondering "who called you," simply enter the phone number into PeopleLooker's system. Their advanced technology will conduct a thorough scan of public records to provide you with comprehensive details about the person associated with that number.

These details could include the individual's full name, current and previous addresses, age, and even a list of related individuals such as family members or roommates.

PeopleLooker's phone lookup function not only provides essential details but also offers a plethora of additional resources that can help you identify who called you from this phone number, including satellite images of a person's residence, property records, and, if they are obtainable, criminal records. 

This feature can be particularly beneficial for those who worry about their own or their family's security. 

Moreover, if you're wondering "who called you," PeopleLooker's phone lookup feature is the perfect solution. Not only is it easy to use, but it also provides valuable information without any need for advanced technical skills.

The findings are presented in a simple, readable report that can be retrieved and preserved for later use.


  • Searches are private
  • Simple to use
  • Attractive interface
  • Android and iOS mobile applications.


  • Processing requests take a long time
  • No support for live chat
  • On some of the information, there are additional fees


PeopleLooker offers two pricing options for users who want to know "who called you from this phone number."

The first option is a monthly subscription that costs $18.28 per month and includes unlimited reports, sex offender searches, property lookups, phone and email searches, criminal records, and more. 

The second option is a three-month subscription that costs $14.62 per month and offers access to all the same features as the monthly plan. In addition, PeopleLooker provides a $1/5-day access plan for individuals who wish to try the service before subscribing. 

With the phone lookup feature, users can conveniently access the platform's background check services. This option is not only affordable but also flexible, providing ease of use for anyone seeking to utilize these services.



TruthFinder: Best for Searching the Deep Web

TruthFinder is a top-quality reverse phone lookup website that stands out from the rest. It’s a reliable and trustworthy US-based phone search service that provides accurate information on who calls you on any phone number from multiple databases. It has gained a positive reputation and is also reasonably priced. Read our TruthFinder review here.

TruthFinder is a service that offers a comprehensive range of information beyond just identifying the name of the unknown caller who called you. It utilizes a vast database to connect individuals with their respective social media profiles, police records, court files, and other publicly available data. 

In addition, TruthFinder can perform dark web scans to uncover the identity of suspicious callers who called you by exploring the deeper corners of the internet. 

Furthermore, TruthFinder offers self-monitoring tools that allow users to investigate what personal information is available to others online about themselves.


  • Detailed reports
  • Cost-effective phone lookup services
  • Excellent dark web scan


  • Reports are generated in a few minutes
  • Results only come from the US
  • Additional costs for in-reports


To use TruthFinder's reverse phone lookup service, a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 is required. The subscription provides unlimited lookups per month on who called you from this phone number but only offers a restricted amount of information. 

Additional payment is needed to obtain more comprehensive details about a particular phone number from a person who called you. The list of available subscriptions is as follows:

  • Unlimited reports for one month; $28.05 each month
  • $32.28/month for three months of unlimited reports (billed at $46.56 every two months)



Intelius: Best Phone Number Lookup Site for Ease of Use

Intelius is a widely recognized platform for reverse phone lookup services, known for its comprehensive collection of public information and reliable results since its inception in 2003. Read our Intelius review here.

The website's interface is user-friendly, allowing users to easily locate the name of the person who called you associated with a given phone number. By selecting the phone option above the search bar and entering a mobile number, users can quickly obtain results on who called them from this phone number. 

Compared to its competitors, Intelius provides a faster algorithm, making it an ideal option for those who need to search a large number of phone numbers efficiently.

Intelius furnishes a plethora of details when you search for a telephone number of a person who called you, comprising the phone's present whereabouts, previous records, and its category.


  • Searches for countless phone numbers
  • Results are produced quickly
  • A well-known corporation


  • US-only production
  • Their pricing strategy lacks transparency
  • Additional fees apply to other services

PricingIntelius has pricing plans that are not very transparent. According to our research, a single thorough reverse phone search report will cost you $0.95

This purchase also includes unlimited phone number searches of who called you from this phone number, but if you want more detailed information, you will have to pay extra. 

Intelius also offers Premier plans that give you access to all of their lookup capabilities of who called you from this phone number.



Instant Checkmate: Best for Largest Phone Number Lookup Directory

Instant Checkmate has an advantage over its competitors due to its vast public records database. Unlike other services that search for the phone numbers of those who called you, Instant Checkmate has access to a comprehensive public records database. Read our Instant Checkmate review here.

By searching for the phone number of who called you, the service provides information regarding the caller's identity and location. Additionally, a detailed profile of the individual who called you associated with the phone number is also accessible.

Instant Checkmate has the ability to locate any mobile or landline phone number that has been registered in a public record, as it covers almost every public database that exists. 

You don't have to be concerned about your anonymity when utilizing the platform, as it prioritizes the confidentiality of its users.


  • Filters for advanced search
  • Produces precise results
  • Large collection of public records


  • The search procedure requires some time
  • The cost of subscriptions is high
  • Does not offer individual reports


Instant Checkmate may not be the cheapest option for a reverse phone search service, but it offers good value in the long run. The full range of Instant Checkmate services is included in all membership levels.



US Search: Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site for Beginners

US Search has been providing people with search tools for more than 20 years and has established a strong reputation in the market. Unlike other services, US Search specializes in assisting individuals in finding their long-lost friends and family members. 

The website of US Search has an attractive design and is easy to navigate. For beginners, there is a step-by-step wizard available to guide them through the search process of who called you from this phone number.


  • This database has the longest life span available
  • Decent price
  • Fast generation of results


  • The cost of thorough background checks is higher
  • Presentations in the simplest manner
  • United States citizens are the only ones who may access it


US Search is a reverse phone search service that does not offer a clear price page, which can make it difficult to determine the cost. 

According to customer feedback, the rates for their service tend to change frequently, and using features outside of the subscription plan to find out who called you from this phone number often results in additional charges. 

Nonetheless, they do offer a monthly subscription option that is reasonably priced.



Spokeo: Best Budget Phone Number Lookup Site

Spokeo is a popular option for people's search needs, such as reverse phone searches, white pages, and email lookups of who called you. One of the things that set this phone search service apart from its competitors is its lower prices. 

However, before discussing the prices, it’s important to examine the user interface and functionality. Spokeo has a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing users to quickly search for the phone number of those who called them and receive results. 

The website contains an extensive database of information, including over 600 million court documents, more than a billion social network IDs, over 130 million property records, 89 billion corporate records, and 6 billion customer records.


  • Cheap
  • Report downloads in PDF format
  • Simple to use


  • Exclusive to the United States
  • There are not many government records
  • Relies heavily on social media


At Spokeo, customers can choose to either subscribe on a monthly basis or conduct a one-time search for phone numbers at a reasonable cost. 

The price for a single reverse phone lookup of who called you from this phone number typically falls within the range of $0.95 to $1.95, depending on any ongoing promotions or discounts offered by Spokeo. 

Additionally, Spokeo offers different membership options with varying monthly fees:



PeopleFinders: Best Reverse Phone Lookup Site for Professional Service

PeopleFinders is a reputable and reliable source for conducting reverse phone lookups to find out who is calling you from this number. Its focus is on delivering a service that is both professional and easy to use, ensuring that users can access the information they require quickly. 

While it’s limited to the United States, PeopleFinders offers a range of additional features in addition to reverse phone lookup, including location search, name checks, and background check services for those who call you from this phone number. 

With over two decades of experience in the industry, PeopleFinders has a proven track record of delivering exceptional service to its clients.


  • High-quality services
  • User-friendly
  • Service spanning more than two decades


  • It's challenging to cancel a membership
  • No search of social media
  • Exclusively for the US


PeopleFinders provides various subscription options, including both short-term and long-term plans. To obtain details for a specific phone number of a person who is calling you from this number, the service charges a fee ranging from $1 to $1.95 per report. 

Monthly plans are also available at different rates for those who prefer a more extended duration of service.



Who Is Calling You From This Phone Number?

Harassment by Phone Stalking

Receiving calls from unfamiliar phone numbers can cause feelings of unease and worry, prompting one to question the identity of the caller who is calling you from this number. 

If the said number is persistently and frequently called, it increases the possibility of the caller being a stalker with access to personal and confidential details about oneself and their loved one.

Telemarketing Promotions

Over the last few years, the telemarketing sector has undergone significant changes, allowing telemarketers to broaden their target audience and increase their chances of acquiring customers for the products or services they are marketing. 

With more and more businesses using real phone numbers to attract potential customers, it has become increasingly difficult to identify who is calling you from this number.

Prank Callers

The majority of unknown callers are individuals who enjoy making practical jokes but often cross the line between being funny and making threats. 

They may even employ tactics such as emotional manipulation to provoke a response from you and maintain the conversation until they can exploit your emotions and vulnerabilities.

Emergency Situation

If you're wondering who called you from an unknown number, it's crucial to answer as it could be a notification of an emergency situation. 

Although these calls may seem suspicious, they may actually be from someone trying to inform you of a critical situation, such as a medical emergency or work-related issue. Neglecting to answer such calls of who is calling you from this number could lead to missed opportunities and potential regrets.

Long Lost Friend or Relative

The possibility also exists that the unidentified number may belong to someone whom you’re already acquainted with but haven't interacted with for a while. This individual could be a childhood friend who has been lost for years, a former colleague, an ex-partner, or even a distant relative whom you haven't met in a long time.

This list of the top reverse phone lookup tools has been created to assist individuals in identifying the caller and finding out who is calling you from this number.



What Is a Reverse Number Lookup?

If you receive a call from an unknown number, a reverse phone lookup service can help you determine the caller's identity, even if you haven't saved their number in your phone. With just the phone number, you can typically access the person's name, address, and additional details.

In case you receive calls from unknown people or telemarketers and wish to block their number, it can be beneficial to use reverse phone lookup services provided by various websites. These services function in a comparable manner.

How to Perform an Accurate Reverse Phone Number Lookup Online

The experience of getting a prank call can be quite exasperating. It can be irritating to deal with someone who is trying to be humorous, but it can also be concerning if you are unaware of the caller's identity. 

However, there are methods available to identify the person who is calling you from this number, even if they are utilizing a falsified or manipulated telephone number.

If you want to identify who’s calling you from this number, you can conduct a reverse phone lookup. To do this, you can enclose the phone number in quotation marks and search for it on search engines like Google or Bing. 

If the number belongs to a company, its website will be displayed in the search results. You can visit their website and find their contact number or email address to contact them and request them to stop calling you.

If you want to identify who is calling you from this number, you can utilize reverse phone lookup services like White Pages or AnyWho. 

With these services, you can input the phone number and obtain details about the phone's owner, like their address and name. This can come in handy if you intend to file a complaint or send a cease and desist letter.



How Does It Work?

If you're unsure of how to identify the person who is calling you from this number, there are multiple methods to look up a phone number and uncover their identity. 

For example, you can utilize online directories such as Canada 411 or WhitePages, or opt for a paid service like Intelius. Another approach is to search the phone number of who is calling you from this number on Google to check if it appears anywhere else on the internet.

Is It Legal to Find Someone by Their Phone Number?

Discovering the identity of a caller who called you from this phone number is possible through various methods, however, it's crucial to note that not every approach is lawful.

If you are intimidated by an unknown caller who called you, and you wish to unveil their identity, the optimal solution is to reach out to your nearby law enforcement agency. They possess the ability to assist you in locating the caller who called you from this phone number and pursuing necessary legal measures.

Although some internet-based tools offer assistance in identifying unknown callers who called you, it’s important to note that such services are not always reliable. 

It’s important to exercise caution while using services that help identify who called you from this phone number. It’s possible that the use of such services may compromise the privacy of the person being searched for.

The most appropriate way to find out the identity of a caller who called you from this phone number is to ask them directly. If the caller is genuine, they should not have any problem revealing their name.     

However, if the caller who called you from this phone number appears evasive or refuses to disclose their name, it’s advisable to terminate the call and move on.



How to Find Out Who Called You Even if They Didn’t Leave a Message

In case you have experienced the annoyance of receiving a prank call, you might have found it difficult to identify the identity of who called you. However, there are several actions you can take to locate the caller who called you. 

The first step is to check your phone records of who called you. If you have a landline, you can request your phone company to provide you with a list of all the numbers that have called your home. 

If you're wondering who called you, your service provider typically maintains a log of all outgoing calls made from your mobile phone. You can easily access this information online or by reaching out to customer service for assistance.

In case of need, one can use a reverse phone lookup service that enables the user to input a phone number and retrieve information about who called you, which may include their name and address. 

Although several free reverse phone lookup services are available online, it’s advisable to bear in mind that the information obtained may be restricted. As a last resort, one can attempt to call back the number of who called you though this may not always work. 

Sometimes, the caller may answer the call, assuming you are someone else. In such a situation, politely inquire about their identity and reason for calling, hoping that they will provide you with the desired information.



How to Block Telemarketers and Spam Calls on Your Phone

For the majority of individuals, receiving frequent telemarketing and spam calls on their mobile phones can be bothersome and disruptive, particularly when they are attempting to engage in a conversation or desire some peace and quiet. 

Fortunately, there are several methods to prevent such calls of who is calling you from this number. 

One of the most effective options is to register your phone number with the National Do Not Call Registry, which is a collection of phone numbers that telemarketers are prohibited from calling. You can enroll in the database online or by dialing 1-888-382-1222.

To prevent unwanted calls of who is calling you from this number, one effective method is to set up a call-blocking feature on your phone. 

Various apps and devices can be utilized for this purpose, and they all function similarly by preventing calls from designated numbers or categories of numbers that you don't want to receive calls from.

If you are frequently receiving spam calls, you can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, which will examine the calls and pursue legal action against the businesses responsible for them.

In case you are aware of the identity of who called you, and you do not wish to have a conversation with them, you can simply terminate the call. If the caller is a business entity that you do not wish to engage with, it’s advisable to politely decline their offer.

Q #1) How Do You Find Out Who Is Calling You From a Certain Number?

The inquiry of "Who called me from this number?" is a common problem faced by cell phone users and has left many seeking a solution. However, what people may not be aware of is that there’s a straightforward method to obtain the answer. 

This can be achieved by utilizing reverse number lookup websites and applications that are readily accessible on the internet. 

Q #2) Can You Google Search for a Phone Number?

Previously, Google had a designated phone book search feature that allowed users to find out who called them from this phone number by providing information about the number's owner.

However, due to concerns regarding privacy violations, Google discontinued this feature. Nonetheless, there are other options available that are more effective than Google in terms of uncovering information about an unfamiliar phone number.

Q #3) Is There a Free Way to Look up a Phone Number?

Indeed, it’s possible to search for who is calling you from this number without paying any fee. As per our recommendations mentioned in this article, several platforms provide their reverse phone number lookup service without any cost. 

A few of them even permit their users to perform an unlimited number of phone number searches. Additionally, all the tools suggested below utilize a database that is potentially more significant than that of Google.

Q #4) Can You Be Traced Through a Phone Call?

It’s possible to track a phone call made from a landline or mobile phone. To trace a landline call, one can request information from the service provider about the owner of the phone number. 

To locate a mobile phone call, the usage of cell towers can be triangulated. Yet, if a mobile phone is placed inside a Faraday cage, its signal can be blocked, making it difficult to trace.

Q #5) Can You Tell if Your Cell Phone Is Being Monitored?

It’s possible to determine if a mobile phone is under surveillance by observing certain indicators. These indicators are as follows:

  • Unusual SMS messages emerge
  • Battery drains quickly
  • Even when not in use, the device overheats
  • When phoning, strange noises are heard
  • Phones frequently restart randomly



DISCLAIMER: You may not use the non-FCRA approved services mentioned in this article or the information they provide to decide about consumer credit, employment, insurance, tenant screening, or any other purpose that would require FCRA compliance. These services don’t provide consumer reports and are not consumer reporting agencies. (These terms have special meanings under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq., ("FCRA"), which are incorporated herein by reference.)

The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. The services we mention do not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire. For more information, please review each service’s Terms of Use.

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