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How to fight hunger in San Diego

Posted at 12:44 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 15:44:52-05

Chelsey is a mother of one, married to an active-duty Marine and works three jobs. Yet, her and her family live below the poverty line.


She lives in military housing in San Diego, where she takes care of her rambunctious two-year old daughter named Charlie. Though her husband is in the Marine Corps and she works three jobs; they still have a hard time putting food on the table.


She often has to make tough choices when it comes to deciding what bills their limited income will pay. Oftentimes, it’s choosing between food on the table or car payments.


Chelsey regularly skips meals so Charlie can eat. She doesn’t even hesitate; Charlie’s needs will always come first. Chelsey knows that especially during a child’s early years, the vitamins and nutrients in food are vital for her child’s growth and well-being.


The thought of losing her husband is another worry that Chelsey carries. 


“It is still frustrating that he can die literally at any point in time at work, or he can get deployed to a hazard zone and get shot or whatever else, and we’re over here still trying to figure out how we’re going to make it,” she said.





After months of struggling to make ends meet, a friend told Chelsey about a local Feeding San Diego food distribution. She decided to go see what her friend was talking about. The first time Chelsey attended she received potatoes, kale, and non-perishable food. 


The weight off of her shoulders was tremendous. She could now put a meal on the table for her family.


Chelsey appreciates that Feeding San Diego makes it easy for people to receive help. The ease of the food distributions makes Chelsey feel welcomed and respected.


Living below the poverty line as a military family can be disheartening and frustrating but Chelsey keeps a positive attitude for her family.  


She knows that with the help of organizations like Feeding San Diego, the future is bright.


To help families like Chelsey’s, Feeding San Diego works hand-in-hand with partner agencies, local school districts, corporate partners and a network of volunteers to serve 63,000 children, families and seniors each week.


And with every dollar donated, Feeding San Diego can provide four meals for San Diegans facing hunger.


To learn more about Chelsey’s story and Feeding San Diego, click here.