Best Phone Psychics - 5 Cheap Psychic Reading Hotlines

If you’re not sure which way to go in life or need assistance making a vital life decision, psychic predictions might hold the answers to questions & provide guidance & clarity when you’re in doubt.
5:19 PM, Jul 05, 2023
5:19 PM, Jul 05, 2023
Best Psychic Reading Sites, San Diego, Sponsored

If you’re not sure which way to go in life or need some assistance making a vital life decision, psychic predictions might hold the answers to your questions and provide guidance and clarity when you’re in doubt.

An online or phone psychic reading may provide a deeper insight into your career future, your future relationships, or perhaps problems with your loved ones. No matter what kind of issues keep you up at night, real psychics can point the right direction.

These days, you no longer need to find a psychic with the right specialization in your area. Instead, you can get phone psychic readings or even live chat readings. As long as a psychic can connect to your aura, your location is irrelevant.

To make it even easier, psychics are now gathering on various portals, where they're listed by specializations, reading styles, or tools, among others. Getting the best psychic reading has never been easier, but then, which of these websites is the best?

We’ve explored and tried out the most reputable psychic websites out there, only to ensure you make the right decision. Here’s everything you need to know before seeking help from a professional advisor. Here are the best rated portals for real psychic readings.

Top 5 Phone Psychic Reading Sites

MysticSense - best for newcomers, FREE 5 minutes for the first session
Kasamba - most versatile services, FREE 3 Minutes + 50% off for new customers
Psychic Source - best for spiritual development, FREE 3 Minutes
Keen - best for love advice, FREE 3 Minutes
Purple Garden - affordable services and many psychics, FREE $10 credit with any payment


Being around for years and offering access to cheap phone psychics round the clock, MysticSense is one of the most reputable options out there.

How to find a psychic

MysticSense is easy to get along with. While you can browse psychics without an account, you’ll need to sign up for an affordable psychic reading. The registration takes a couple of minutes. Browse categories, subcategories, psychics, their specializations, and reviews before making a decision.

Special offers

In terms of pricing and special offers, MysticSense offers five free minutes with any of the online psychic readers of your choice. If you don’t feel a connection, you can move on. If you do, stick to the respective psychic and go on with the reading.


Categories include affairs, cheating hearts, breakups, new love, LGBT, toxic relationships, family issues, social life, pet psychics, life path, career, destiny, lost objects, clairvoyance, grief counseling, energy healing, psychic mediums, and others.

Reading options

Once you’ve found the best psychic reader for your needs, look at their reading options. MysticSense allows chat and phone readings, as well as video calls.

Website interface

The website is simple and straightforward. There are only a few buttons in the main menu. Once you get to psychics, you’ll have a detailed search function to make it a breeze. Finding the right phone online psychics is only a matter of minutes.

Mobile app

MysticSense doesn’t have a mobile app, so you can only access it through the browser. Some of the websites we’ve screened have apps as well, but don’t expect any major differences in terms of features, they’ll be the same. The only difference is in push notifications.

Customer support

Customer support is available on a 24/7 basis with three options, tickets, live chat, and email support.


Kasamba has been around for over two decades and is known for having one of the strictest recruitment processes out there.

How to find a psychic

Kasamba is straightforward. Browse it before registering and explore the categories for psychic hotlines. If you're happy with them, sign up, choose a pricing plan, and start looking for psychics. They have well detailed pages with plenty of information.

Special offers

The first three minutes are free, regardless of which famous psychics you’re looking at. This way, you’ll be able to test a psychic before making a commitment. The first reading also comes with a full 100% satisfaction guarantee, so there are no risks whatsoever.


Some of the categories on Kasamba include aura readings, rune casting, mediums, pet psychics, love psychics with numerous subcategories, tarot readings, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology, career forecasts, graphology, and many others.

Reading options

You can get a phone live psychic chat, but you can also use the live chat text option, not to mention video calls.

Website interface

Kasamba has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Load the website, and the main categories and subcategories will be displayed at the top, as well as some helpful articles. Even if this is the first time you use a psychic reading, you’ll have no problems getting around.

Mobile app

Kasamba has a mobile app, offering the same features, as well as push notifications as extras.

Customer support

The customer service is available through a ticketing system. It might be handy having a live chat option too, yet the ticketing system is responsive and useful. However, you may need to wait for up to three days.

Psychic Source

Boosting over 30 years of experience and flawless customer service, Psychic Source is a top option for phone online psychic mediums and not only.

How to find a psychic

You can look at psychics and explore their profiles without having an account. If you decide you want to get spirit readings over Psychic Source, simply sign up in a few minutes, and you'll also gain the option to contact the psychic expert you're after.

Special offers

There are quite a few special offers for new customers. First, you get three minutes for free, meaning you can have a brief chat with a legit psychic before committing. Second, you can buy 10, 20, or 30 minutes for a set price, making the price for a minute less than what most psychics charge.

For instance, you can get a simple $1 psychic reading with an expert that charges a few times more than that.


Categories and specialties are extremely varied. Some top categories include career psychics, love psychics, clairaudient psychics, clairsentient psychics, clairvoyant readers, energy healing, pet psychics, or mediums. Subjects and expertise are just as diversified.

Reading options

While searching for phone online mediums, you can also restrict your search according to the reading options. Your options include live chat psychics, phone readings, and video call readings.

Website interface

The Psychic Source website is easy to browse, and menus are crystal-clear. Find the special offers in the main menu, as well as the link to all the psychics through a search function. Horoscopes and FAQ articles are also available.

Mobile app

Psychic Source has a mobile application that works on both Android and iOS devices. It offers the same features though, but it’s convenient and works faster than the actual website.

Customer support

The FAQ section is well detailed, but if you need further help with a psychic medium reading or you’re not sure how to find clairvoyant psychics, you can always rely on the live chat. Psychic Source also offers traditional contacts, via email or phone. The customer service is available round the clock.


Whether you’re after spirit medium readings or love psychics, Keen offers access to a secure platform and a strict recruitment process, meaning you’ll only talk to trusted psychics.

How to find a psychic

On the main website, you can go to psychics and choose the right category from the drop down menu. To contact them, you'll need to register. You can, however, filter, sort, and check psychics' profiles without having an account.

Special offers

The first three minutes are free, so you can connect with a psychic and determine whether or not you two can go along. Furthermore, new users also have the option to buy 10 minutes for a set price, meaning spiritual readings for this time frame can be nearly free.


Categories include love and relationships, career, mediums, spiritual readings, tarot and astrology readings, dream analysis, financial guidance, aura cleansing, and angel readings, among others. You can filter affordable psychics as well.

Reading options

You can get an inexpensive psychic reading by live chat or over the phone. Keen doesn’t offer video calls, but it makes no difference. True psychics can connect to customers’ auras without having to see them face to face.

Website interface

The website interface makes Keen super easy to navigate. You only have three main options, advisors, articles, and horoscopes. As you go to advisors, you'll be able to choose a category, filter affordable psychics, and sort them by different criteria.

Mobile application

Keen has a mobile app for Android and iOS mobile devices. You’ll find popular psychics on the go, with access to push notifications as well. The app is flawless and offers the same features as the website.

Customer support

The customer support is only available through a ticket system. It may take up to a couple of days for a representative to contact you. There are no email, live chat, or phone contacts. However, many answers are given through the FAQ section.

Purple Garden

Unlike other similar websites, Purple Garden doesn’t make the screening process public, yet it seems to gather some of the most authentic psychics in the industry. It has a clean reputation, quite an achievement since it’s been around for ages.

How to find a psychic

Finding a psychic is fairly simple. While you can browse around without an account, you’ll need to register to contact spiritual psychics. Once in, the left menu will give you access to the main categories, yet you can also use the search slot in the middle of the page to find a specialty.

Special offers

Purple Garden keeps special offers simple and straightforward. Make a deposit, and you'll get a $10 bonus, which you can use anyway you want. Keep in mind that each psychic has the option to set their own prices, so double check this part before contacting them.


Categories and specialties are classic. You'll be able to get a love psychic reading by phone, as well as an astrology psychic reading, tarot, and palm readings, angel insights, oracle guidance and dream analyses.

Reading options

The live chat is probably the budget-friendly option because it’s often given at a flat rate, rather than per minute. You can also get a phone psychic love reading, not to mention video calls with some of the most gifted psychics on the website.

Website interface

The website goes straight to the point. As you load it up, you can login or register, but you can also search for a specialty. The three lines in the top left corner will bring in the main menu, with the top categories and a few other shortcuts.

Mobile app

The mobile app works on both Android and iOS devices and offers access to the same features and good psychics. It’s more convenient to use though, as it feels faster than the actual website.

Customer support

Purple Garden can only be contacted through a request system. Go to the main menu, go to the customer support link, and submit a ticket. You'll usually get a reply within a business day. The FAQ section is quite comprehensive and may have the answer to your question, though.

Our Method of Selecting the Best Phone Psychic Reading Sites

When looking for a phone online psychic reading, chances are you’ll find websites with more psychics, as well as personal websites.

We recommend using some of those portals because each psychic is reviewed by hundreds or even thousands of previous clients, so you know precisely what to expect.

The websites we’ve picked have more than just a few reviews. Some of them have thousands of them for their best psychics. That's encouraging, especially since we've also analyzed these reviews, and they're written in different styles, meaning they're authentic.

But before getting on to reviews, we selected websites providing chat or phone psychics for a long time. It doesn’t mean a new website might be in the wrong, but we believe websites with years or even decades on the market are more likely to attract true psychics.

Some of them have mobile apps, some don't, but it is not a big deal anyway. Once on a website, we've assessed the categories for live chat or phone online psychic readings. Here comes the good news.

You’ll find psychics for love, career, messages from lost loved ones, but that's not everything. Even better, each category is split into multiple subcategories. For example, love can be about LGBT relationships, toxic relationships, or perhaps the impossibility to find love.

You want the best online psychic reader for your particular problem, so it pays off going into the smallest details.

In terms of accurate psychic readings online, we believe you’ll find lots of options in our website selections. But then, we know a lot of people are concerned about the costs associated with accurate psychics too.

These websites have been around for ages, so they’ve managed to gather thousands of psychics. The more options they offer, the more money they make, simple as that. Compared to a new or less reputable website, they can afford to keep prices low without actually losing.

Prices are quite affordable, but psychics are allowed to set their own rates. Therefore, no matter which website you choose, you’ll find that psychics with thousands of positive ratings will cost more than those who’ve just started.

Special offers? Absolutely. It’s hard to determine whether or not you’ll connect to a psychic, so the sites we picked also come with all kinds of special offers for new users, such as free minutes or perhaps a free reading.

This way, you’ll know precisely whether or not you’ve found the right psychic, without spending anything.

With these thoughts in mind, here are the best websites for your next live or phone chat psychic reading.

Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Cheap Phone Psychic Reading

Accurate psychics can tune into your energy and read or see things you can't normally observe, whether about your past, present, or future. They won't be able to give you the lottery numbers, but just some insights about your life. Why would you get a psychic reading then?

Peace of mind is one of the main reasons wherefore people go to psychics. It adds to your quality of life and makes you more productive. When there’s uncertainty clouding your judgment, being productive becomes a challenge. A good reading will make everything clear.

Unsure about one thing or another? About to make a decision, but feeling in doubt? A good reading will validate your choices and confirm them. Every situation out there comes with some consequences. Having validation is critical then.

There’s plenty of mystery in everyone’s life. Having an overview regarding your future can and will help, even though it may not be very specific.

You can redirect some decisions, change your path in life or even find inspiration in a psychic reading. You will feel motivated when you know that the universe backs your decisions up.

While even the most reputable psychics can give cloudy readings in terms of future, the truth is you’ll still get some insights. You’ll get a glimpse into it, helping with further decisions. You can get ready for something major that’s about to happen, rather than take it unprepared.

Last, but not least, a lot of people need closure when they lose someone they love. Such an event can be traumatic, especially when it occurs out of nowhere. You’re left with questions and no answers.

At this point, a medium can help you reconnect and find closure after such an event.

Based on their specialties, psychics can help with a lot of issues. You can find pet psychics to help you communicate with your furry friend or perhaps palm reading and dream analyses. No matter what you’re after, chances are you’ll find a psychic with such a specialization.

Online vs. Local Psychic Reading

There is no doubt about it, the online psychic industry has boomed over the past few decades, with the growing popularity of the Internet. At this point, most people ask themselves, is it worth doing it online? Is the reading going to be as accurate as an offline one?

The truth is a psychic doesn't have to be next to you to connect to your aura, regardless of what you need help with. They can do it from any distance, even from a different continent. They can do it through a live chat session, a phone call, or even a video call.

A video call is not necessary either, no one has to see you in order to get it done.

Now, the beauty of online psychics is the fact that you can seek help for anything. It's hard to find a reputable psychic with a general specialization. Instead, most psychics focus on one thing or another, whether it's dream analysis, tarot reading, or career help.

Therefore, when looking for a local psychic, chances are you’ll be limited in your choices.

Even if you do find someone with the right specialization, doing it online will give you more options.

Keep in mind that not every psychic will be able to connect to your aura. That’s why most of the above mentioned websites will give you some introductory offers, such as a few free minutes. It’s no one’s fault if it doesn’t happen, there’s nothing wrong with you or the psychic.

If you only have one or two local options, you risk facing someone who can't give you the accuracy you're after. Go online, explore your options, and more importantly, check out the ratings and reviews before proceeding. This way, you'll know for sure that you're talking to the right advisor for your needs.

5 Tips for a Successful Psychic Reading by Phone

How do you get ready for a successful phone psychic reading? If you’ve seen psychics before, you probably know a few things about what to do first. There’s nothing to worry about if you're new to it, though, everyone has started like this.

There are a few general things you need to do to be fully prepared.

Make sure you know what you want from your psychic

There are more categories and specializations. Most psychics specialize in one or two categories, so you need to know precisely what you want, be it help with your relationship, trying to find love, boosting your career, or reading a dream.

You should have your questions ready

Write everything down. If you’ll try to memorize them, chances are you’ll forget important details when the reading begins. Prepare a list in the order of importance and try to keep questions as straightforward as possible.

Keep an open mind

You might be a bit anxious or skeptical if you’ve never seen a psychic before, it's perfectly normal, don't worry about it. However, make sure you have an open mind. Avoid predetermined ideas about the industry because there are lots of myths out there, and many of them are false.

Don’t hesitate to take notes

Chances are you’ll get back at some point with further questions. Write down everything, including answers that may not necessarily make sense straight away. Their meaning will become more obvious later on.

Maintain focus in a quiet environment

Needless to say, you should be in a quiet and relaxing place. Get a reading when you’re home alone, in a quiet room, without anyone to disturb you. You need to focus and get some silence and peace around you.

Common Misconceptions About Online Psychic Reading

Psychics have often been associated with witchcraft and mystic fairytales. However, they’re normal people, just like you. The only difference is they’ve worked on some of their skills, so they can get messages most people can’t observe.

There are still plenty of myths and misconceptions about the industry, though.

Psychics read minds

This is less likely to happen. They can tune into your aura or energy field, which includes some details about your life, but that’s pretty much it.

A psychic won't be able to tell what you're thinking about. Sure, they can see things, hear things and get some insights. They'll get a message, and they'll put all the bits together to make sense out of it.

Psychics can predict the future

When connected to one’s energy, psychics can get some insights and potential outcomes. They use different tools to help in reading messages. There’s a certain degree of accuracy, depending on how good the connection is.

A psychic can also get it slightly wrong. They can tell you that something major’s about to happen in your love life, but that’s it. Many times, things won’t make sense straight away, but later on.

However, psychics won’t tell you the lottery numbers or the name of your next partner.

Psychics can only connect to your aura in face-to-face meetings

Wrong. It's no surprise why online psychics are so popular these days, and many of them have managed to gather thousands of positive reviews.

This energy is not a physical thing, so a psychic doesn’t have to be next to you to connect. They don’t even need to see you.

A good psychic will provide an accurate reading face to face, by live chat, video call, phone, or even email.

Psychics and mediums are the same

Mediumship is just a specialization for psychics. Basically, all mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.

A medium can connect to people you've lost in the past, help you get some answers, or find closure. Despite these capabilities, you shouldn’t contact a medium to seek help with your love life or career. Their main role is to provide comfort after a traumatic event, like a loved one’s death.

Psychics can’t help find missing people

The truth is there are many cases in history when the police have relied on professional psychics to find clues about missing persons and actually find them or their bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about psychics and their capabilities?

How can psychics do readings over the phone?

Online psychics connect in the same manner as local psychics. They’ll target your energy field, which isn’t physical. This energy can be accessed by a professional regarding their location. Every advisor has their own personal way to connect to their clients’ energies.

Some psychics see visions, for example. Some others rely on hearing guidance, not to mention intuition, based on the bits they receive. Energetic fields, spirit guides, and various tools like tarot cards or crystal balls may also help in the process.

What should I tell my psychic during a reading

A legit psychic reading will require some details about you. Just because a psychic connects to your energy, it doesn’t mean they’ll know everything about you. They may also ask you a few questions. Don’t be afraid to answer, such details will help with the reading accuracy.

Some psychics may ask for your birth date. Others will want to listen to your questions first, as well as your goals and fears. Anything can help with your reading, so go through your session with an open mind.

How do psychics get information during a reading?

Different psychics use different things and tools to get the information you request. Some of them rely on tools like tarot cards, crystals, or runes. Some others rely on astrology, angels, or even spiritual guides.

There are also psychics who don’t work with any of these things. They’ll simply tune into one’s energy and ask directly for the details they need.

How often should you get psychic readings?

Too many readings can cause confusion, but it’s also helpful to have a regular checkup. This way, the psychic can provide regular guidance and help with your concerns.

It’s a healthy manner to build a connection with your psychic. The more often you do it, the easier it will be for them to tune into your aura.

Some people get psychic readings on a monthly basis, but it obviously depends on your needs.

Final Words

It’s no surprise why psychic readings are so popular these days. They come with numerous benefits and can offer guidance in numerous fields, not to mention those helping clients find closure after traumatic events.

Different psychics have different capabilities, so it’s imperative to find someone with the right specialization.

Just because someone can’t tune into your energy, it doesn’t mean something’s wrong. Simply find a different psychic who you can connect with.

The above mentioned websites offer access to thousands of advisors in dozens of categories and specializations. Go through a few reviews and learn more about a psychic before making a commitment, but also use the special offers to ensure you’re with the right advisor.

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