7 Best Online Therapy Providers in 2023: Virtual Counseling Services that Works

When it comes to your mental health, not just any therapist will do. Our guide will help you choose the best online therapy provider for your needs.
10:44 AM, Apr 28, 2023
10:47 AM, Apr 28, 2023

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If you are struggling with mental or emotional health issues, reaching out for professional help is one of the best decisions you can make. Finding the best online therapy is crucial when in-person help isn't an option or you simply prefer virtual interaction.

There are many important factors you need to take into consideration when choosing an online therapy provider. This guide looks at some of the best online therapy sites available today and can help you find a provider that fits your unique circumstances.

7 Best Online Therapy Services: Compare Ratings and Reviews

1. BetterHelp: Best Online Counseling Service Overall

Pros of BetterHelp Online Counseling:

  • Many modes of communication
  • Wide pool of licensed therapists
  • Many types of therapy offered
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Live sessions included

Cons of BetterHelp Online Counseling:

  • Psychiatric treatment is not available
  • You don't choose your therapist
  • No medication management is available

BetterHelp is widely recognized as one of the best online therapy services available. Founded in 2013, BetterHelp has served nearly two million customers since its inception. BetterHelp has a large network of over 14,000 highly qualified therapists.

Many people are attracted to the simplicity of BetterHelp's single subscription plan, which includes all of the services they offer to all customers. BetterHelp's subscription prices are in the moderate range but reasonable for the scope of their offerings.

Overall Score of BetterHelp Online Therapy: 4.72/5

Ease of Use of BetterHelp Online Therapy: 4.8/5

The BetterHelp website is friendly, uncluttered and fairly easy to navigate. The site does an excellent job of intuiting potential users' questions and answering them before initiating the signup process.

As one of the best online therapy services, BetterHelp excels at giving users a wide variety of patient-to-therapist communication options. You can interact with your therapist via live chat, phone, or video conferencing.

BetterHelp Online Therapist Qualifications: 5/5

All of  BetterHelp's therapists are licensed psychologists, therapists, counselors or social workers with a master's degree. Some providers have earned a doctorate.

You can read the profiles of all available therapists on the BetterHelp website to get an idea of who they are, their education and their therapeutic style.

Types of Online Therapy Offered by BetterHelp: 4.5/5

BetterHelp is solely focused on talk therapy, one of the most common and best online therapy modalities. Due to its large therapist pool, you can choose from several types of talk therapy.

BetterHelp has therapists specializing in classic therapy styles such as CBT and DBT. It’s also a good choice for people seeking alternative treatment for their anxiety.

You can also find therapists who utilize lesser-known styles, including EMDR and motivational interviewing.

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BetterHelp Virtual Counseling User Satisfaction: 4.7/5

When asked to rank their overall satisfaction with BetterHelp's services, approximately 72% of users scored them as very good or excellent. 

Affordability of BetterHelp Virtual Therapy: 4.6/5

Amongst the best online therapy providers, BetterHelp is one of the few that offer a single, all-inclusive subscription plan. That plan will cost between $270 and $330 per month. The variance in price is based on the customer's geographic location. BetterHelp's prices fall in the average range for similar service providers.

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2. Talkspace: Best Online Therapy That Accepts Insurance

Pros of Talkspace Online Counseling:

  • Medication management services
  • Multiple subscription plans
  • Free initial 10-minute therapist chat
  • Covered by some insurance plans

Cons of Talkspace Online Counseling:

  • The algorithm limits your choice of therapists
  • Lowest plans not sufficient for serious issues
  • The website can be difficult to navigate

Talkspace was one of the originators of the online therapy movement. It remains one of the best online therapy that takes insurance

Talkspace offers its users a great deal of diversity in subscription plans that span a variety of price points and interaction frequencies. You can choose a plan that matches your budget and care needs.

Overall Score of Talkspace Online Therapy: 4.6/5

Ease of Use of Talkspace Online Therapy: 4.6/5

The Talkspace website is accessible and straightforward. Once assigned a therapist, clients are given their own online space to schedule appointments and communicate with therapists.

It is easy to interact with therapists or switch to a different caregiver should the need arise. Talkspace also offers many avenues of communication with its providers, including live chat, phone, text, audio messaging and video conferencing.

Talkspace Online Therapist Qualifications: 4.8/5

Talkspace reports that all its mental health professionals are licensed and credentialed, with a minimum of 3,000 hours of clinical experience. 

Types of Online Therapy Offered by Talkspace: 4.7/5

Talkspace offers talk therapy, couples therapy and teen therapy. Therapists use a variety of techniques, including CBT and mindfulness therapy.

This platform also offers psychiatric services and medication management. Their providers are licensed psychiatrists or psychiatric nurse practitioners.

Talkspace Virtual Counseling User Satisfaction: 4.4/5

Two-thirds of Talkspace users say they are highly satisfied with their experience. Some users have complained of difficulties getting a timely response from their therapists. Only a small percentage of Talkspace users stay with the service for more than a year.

Affordability of Talkspace Virtual Therapy: 4.5/5

Talkspace prices, while writing this Talkspace review, are average compared to other best online therapy companies. Depending on your subscription choice, costs will run from $270 to $330 per month. 

Psychiatric services are an additional cost, with initial evaluations costing around $199. Follow-up visits will run you $125 each, with the frequency determined by your care provider.

Talkspace does accept some insurance plans and EAPs. If they are in-network for your insurance, you may find your costs reduced significantly.

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3. ReGain: Best Online Couples Counseling

Pros of ReGain Online Counseling:

  • Specializes in relationship counseling
  • Unlimited messaging included
  • Therapists are licensed and experienced
  • 8,000 therapists available

Cons of ReGain Online Counseling:

  • Does not offer family therapy
  • Users do not choose their therapist
  • Three-way communication is not supported

Regain is an online therapy platform that focuses on couple and relationship counseling. The company is owned by our top pick for best online therapy, BetterHelp. Regain's 8,000 online therapists are licensed and trained to help couples and individuals with relationship issues.

Overall Score of ReGain Online Therapy: 4.58/5

Ease of Use of ReGain Online Therapy: 4.5/5

Regain's website is well laid out and uncluttered. It includes an extensive FAQ section that can answer many of the questions you have about the company and the services it offers.

The Regain patient portal is simple to use, and you are allowed to message your providers 24/7 through text, phone or video messaging.

One downside is that the Regain system only allows for two-way calls. If you are engaged in couples therapy, you and your partner must do sessions from the same location. This seems an oversite for one of the best online therapy companies specializing in relationship counseling.

ReGain Online Therapist Qualifications: 4.6/7

Therapists who work through Regain are licensed and credentialed. Providers must have at least three years and 1,000 hours of clinical experience. However, it is not ideal that Regain does not make its therapists' bios available on its website.

Types of Online Therapy Offered by ReGain: 4.5/5

Because Regain chooses to focus on relationship counseling, they do not offer the breadth of therapy options that some of the other best online therapy services do. They also only offer one all-inclusive subscription plan.

You can work with Regain as an individual or alongside your partner, but the therapy focus will be on relationship issues.

ReGain Virtual Counseling User Satisfaction: 4.7/5

Regain customers are highly satisfied, with 77% finding the services they receive to be very good or excellent.

Affordability of ReGain Virtual Therapy: 4.6/5

Regain's subscription costs range from $240 to $320 a month. This aligns with many of the best online therapy services listed here. Your provider's credentials and geographic location will determine whether your costs fall on the lower or upper end of the range.

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4. Pride Counseling: Best Virtual Counseling for LGBTQ+ People

Pros of Pride Counseling Online Therapy:

  • All messages are encrypted
  • Services tailored to LGBTQ+ community
  • Sign up can be anonymous
  • State-licensed therapists

Cons of Pride Counseling Online Therapy:

  • Your therapist is assigned
  • Some therapists are not part of LGBTQ+ community
  • Psychiatric services not available

While most people can benefit from counseling, the LGBTQ+ community has unique needs and undergoes a disproportionately high level of trauma. Pride Counseling is focused on providing therapy for members of this underserved community. 

Pride Counseling is sensitive to some members' need for anonymity and offers additional layers of privacy and identity protection. 

Overall Score of Pride Counseling Online Therapy: 4.4/5

Ease of Use of Pride Counseling Online Therapy: 4.5/5

The website for Pride Counseling is simple but perhaps a bit too bare-bones. There aren't a lot of resources available to potential customers wanting to learn more about the service or counseling in general.

Once assigned a counselor, it is easy to communicate with them through text, audio or video messages. 

Pride Counseling users are not permitted to choose their therapist, which leads to many needing to try alternative therapists to find a good fit. Only 4% of customers remain with the counselor that is assigned to them initially.

Pride Counseling Online Therapist Qualifications: 4/5

Pride Counseling states that all its mental health specialists are licensed in the state where they do business. Additionally, all therapists have at least three years and 1,000 hours of experience.

Unfortunately, Pride Counseling does not report if its counselors have any specific training or experience that makes them specifically well-suited for the LGBTQ+ community.

Types of Online Therapy Offered by Pride Counseling: 4.5/5

Pride counseling practitioners utilize many types of therapy with their patients, including CBT, DBT, EMDR and traditional psychoanalysis.

Pride Counseling Virtual Therapy User Satisfaction: 4.7/5

Pride Counseling earns its place on a list of the best online therapy services with an impressive 77% overall user satisfaction rating.

Affordability of Pride Counseling Virtual Therapy: 4.5/5

Pride Counseling subscription costs appear to vary more widely than other services on this list. The variance seems to be due to geographic location. Prices can vary from $240 a month, which is average, to $480 a month, which is considerably above average.

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5. TeenCounseling.com: Best Online Counseling for Teens

Pros of TeenCounseling.com Online Therapy:

  • Tailored to teens aged 13-19 
  • Teens choose their preferred type of communication
  • Parents can receive counseling as well

Cons of TeenCounseling.com Online Therapy:

  • Teens must have parental consent
  • Website unclear on subscription details
  • No psychiatric treatment included

TeenCounseling is considered one of the best online therapy companies that focuses on teen mental health issues. They offer a large pool of therapists who are highly educated and experienced.

Although teens need parental consent to use the services, the contents of their therapy sessions are kept confidential. This should give teens the confidence they need to discuss any issue with their therapist.

Overall Score of TeenCounseling.com Online Therapy: 4.1/5

Ease of Use of TeenCounseling.com Online Therapy: 4/5

The website for TeenCounseling is straightforward but fairly sparse. Teens and their parents may find it challenging to gain a detailed understanding of the company due to the lack of information.

It is difficult to find clear pricing information and what is included in the single subscription plan that this company offers. The site does have 2 FAQs, one for parents and one for teens, that offer some insight into the services offered.

TeenCounseling.com Online Therapist Qualifications: 4.3/5

As a contender for the best online therapy, TeenCounseling meets many of the standards of other services on this list. It states that its counselors are state-certified, experienced in their field and hold a master's degree or higher.

Types of Online Therapy Offered by TeenCounseling.com: 4/5

TeenCounseling focuses solely on therapy for teens and their parents. The site does not offer details on the types of therapy offered by their providers. They mention dealing with common teen issues such as bullying, depression, relationships and low self-esteem.

TeenCounseling does not offer group counseling or family therapy. Even if a parent and their child both sign up for services, they cannot schedule a combined counseling appointment. 

TeenCounseling.com Virtual Counseling User Satisfaction: 4.3/5

Only 70% of TeenCounseling users say that its services are very good or excellent. However, 83% say they would recommend the company to others.

Affordability of TeenCounseling.com Virtual Therapy: 4/5

Pricing is another area of information that is unclear on the TeenCounseling site. The lowest price seems to be $240 a month but can rise dramatically based on location and provider. Since clients do not choose their own provider, they could find themselves with a monthly cost beyond their financial comfort zone.

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6. Online-Therapy.com: Best Virtual CBT Therapy Online

Pros of Online-Therapy.com Virtual Counseling:

  • Focuses on CBT therapy
  • Provides tools to use outside of sessions
  • First-month discount offered
  • You choose your therapist

Cons of Online-Therapy.com Virtual Counseling:

  • Individual therapy only
  • Treatment for adults only

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most widely used forms of therapy. While many of the best online therapy services may have some practitioners specializing in CBT, Online-Therapy focuses solely on this highly effective technique.

Overall Score of Online-Therapy.com Virtual Counseling: 4/5

Ease of Use of Online-Therapy.com Virtual Counseling: 4.2/5

The Online-Therapy site is organized and easy to navigate. The site offers a wealth of information on services offered and CBT basics.

CBT utilizes many tools and assessments, and Online-Therapy makes these available in its patient portal. Some users may find the wealth of self-help resources overwhelming, while others will appreciate the hands-on approach that is integral to this type of therapy

Online-Therapy.com Virtual Therapist Qualifications: 4/5

Online-Therapy lists less than a hundred practitioners on the site. This is the smallest pool of therapists for any service on our list of best online therapy providers. All the therapists on the site are licensed and have at least three years and 2,000 hours in clinical practice.

Types of Virtual Therapy Offered by OnlineTherapy.com: 3.5/5

Patients who know they want to utilize CBT in their mental health journey will be pleased by the laser focus that Online-Therapy brings to this form of treatment. However, those wanting to experience other types of therapy will find the platform too limited.

Online-Therapy only offers individual therapy and does not provide psychiatry or medication management.

OnlineTherapy.com Virtual Counseling User Satisfaction: 4.5/5

A large percentage of Online-Therapy users feel it is the best online therapy provider, with 74% rating it very good or excellent.

Affordability of OnlineTherapy.com Virtual Counseling: 4/5

Online-Therapy's subscription costs range from $160 to $320 per month. Although this is lower than some other leading platforms on its face, the services provided at the lower tier plan do not include any live counseling sessions, therefore giving less value for the money.

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7. Calmerry: Most Flexible Online Therapy App

Pros of Calmerry Online Counseling:

  • Comprehensive FAQ page
  • Website is informative
  • Live matching agents
  • Weekly plan available

Cons of Calmerry Online Counseling:

  • Lowest plan does not include live interaction
  • Site information is not transparent
  • Cannot review prices without signing up

Calmerry is one of the newest services on this list but has quickly become one of the best online therapy platforms available. It has a multi-tier subscription plan with one of the lowest starting prices. 

Overall Score of Calmerry Online Therapy: 4.1/5

Ease of Use of Calmerry Online Therapy: 4/5

The Calmerry website is fairly easy to navigate and offers a good amount of useful information. Their patient portal is also convenient and makes interacting with your therapist simple.

Some entries on the website may confuse customers and make it difficult to get a clear understanding of what services Calmerry offers before signing up. For example, a portion of the site is dedicated to talking about couples and group therapy; however, Calmerry does not offer these services.

Calmerry Online Therapist Qualifications: 4/5

Calmerry states that all of their therapists are licensed as mental health providers and hold at least a master's degree in their field. The company does not reveal how many therapists they have on staff.

You cannot view therapist bios until you chat with them. This limits users' ability to preview their provider's qualifications and therapy style.

Types of Online Therapy Offered by Calmerry: 4/5

Calmerry therapists use techniques such as CBT, DBT, EMDR and psychoanalysis. This service only offers individual counseling for clients 18 years old or older.

The fact that live counseling sessions with a Calmerry therapist are limited to 30 minutes could indicate that it is not the service for those with serious mental health concerns.

Calmerry Virtual Counseling User Satisfaction:4.5/5

Calmerry is a new platform, so statistics are limited in scope, but approximately 74% of their customers are highly satisfied with their services.

Affordability of Calmerry Virtual Therapy: 4/5

Calmerry offers three subscription plans priced from $228 to $360 per month. This range is slightly higher than some of the best online therapy providers. The lowest price plan offers unlimited messaging with your therapist but includes no live counseling sessions.

Calmerry is unique in that it allows you to sign up for a weekly plan. You can find out if the service fits you without paying for a full month.

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How We Chose the Best Online Therapy Services

Getting professional help when you are experiencing mental and emotional issues can greatly impact your life. Online therapy services have made access to qualified providers possible for many who otherwise could not.

In looking at which online therapy services can provide the best care for those seeking help, we considered many factors.

Ease of Use

The best online therapy platform should be easy to use. A complicated process can be difficult to navigate when you seek mental health support. We looked at how accessible the provider sites were, the convenience of their patient portals and the availability of pertinent information.

Qualified Therapists

All of the companies in this guide use highly qualified therapists. At a minimum, each therapist is licensed and required to hold a degree in their field of expertise. Many companies require therapists to have at least three years of experience and have completed 1,000 hours of fieldwork or more.

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Types of Therapy Offered

We also looked at the types of therapy that each company offers. For patients uncertain about what kind of care they need, using a platform such as BetterHelp that offers a wide variety of therapy modalities and techniques is helpful. For those who are seeking specific help, a service that is highly specialized, like Pride Counseling, could be the best choice.


Paying for mental health support is challenging for many. We sought to offer the best online therapy platforms with a cost range that falls within a common average. It is important to note that the cost for most online platforms will vary based on your location and the type of therapist you are matched with. 

It is rare for online therapy providers to accept insurance. Most companies or practitioners will be happy to provide you with a master bill that allows you to file for reimbursement from your insurance company. If insurance coverage is essential for you, TalkSpace might be a great choice.

Customer Satisfaction 

Finally, we placed a great deal of focus on how satisfied each platform's current and former customers were. Personal recommendations are one of the best ways to choose any service, and online therapy is no different. In compiling our list of the best online therapy providers, we looked for companies with user satisfaction ratings in the 70th percentile or higher.

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Best Online Therapy Provider FAQs

Choosing a mental health provider is difficult. It is hard to know exactly what requirements you should be looking for. Here is a list of questions you should ask of any online therapy service you are considering.

What Services Does Online Therapy Provide?

Some online therapy platforms offer a broad variety of therapy types and techniques. These services are a good choice for those who know you need support but are unsure what form that support should take. A platform with a large pool of therapists, such as BetterHelp, can help you discover your therapeutic focus.

If you are seeking a specific kind of therapy or area of focus, a service that specializes in that area may work best for you. For example, Regain could be a wonderful choice for those seeking relationship counseling, while TeenCouseling may be the perfect fit to support a struggling adolescent.

Are My Virtual Counseling Sessions Private?

There are few places where keeping your information private is more important than in a therapeutic setting. The best online therapy providers will be able to tell you what measures they take to keep your sessions and information secure.

Any service you work with should be HIPPA compliant. Some services will offer added privacy measures such as allowing you to use alternative names or using technology to keep your phone number secret, even from your therapist.

Does Online Therapy Accept Insurance?

The ability to use your insurance to defray the cost of mental health services is necessary for some clients. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly rare to find in-person or virtual mental health professionals who accept insurance.

Talkspace accepts some insurance plans and is also recognized through some EAP plans. It is one of the very few best online therapy providers that do. However, many online services will assist you by providing a master bill that you can submit to your insurance for partial reimbursement.

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Can I Choose My Virtual Therapist?

Some online therapy companies allow customers to choose a therapist, and some do not. Many of the best online therapy providers will have you fill out a detailed survey and then allow an algorithm to present a selection of providers from which you are then permitted to choose.

Are Your Virtual Therapists Licensed?

This may seem a given, but not all platforms utilize licensed professionals. However, using a professionally licensed provider is essential if you are looking for more than just a sounding board or a friendly ear.

You can be comfortable choosing any of our top picks for the best online therapy providers in this case. All of these platforms utilize highly trained and licensed providers.

How Do I Choose the Best Online Therapy for Me?

In looking for the best online therapy platform for your needs, you should insist on one that uses licensed providers, utilizes communication forms that are available and comfortable to you and that fit into your budget.

If you have special considerations, such as needing the service to accept insurance or provide a specific type of therapy, you must vet each service before committing.

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7 Best Online Therapy Platforms: A Quick Review

Below is a quick glance at the seven best online therapy platforms we have extensively reviewed above.


  • Accepts insurance: No
  • Licensed providers: Yes
  • Cost per week: $270-$330
  • Choose your therapist: Yes


  • Accepts insurance: Yes
  • Licensed providers: Yes
  • Cost per week: $270-$330
  • Choose your therapist: Yes


  • Accepts insurance: No
  • Licensed providers: Yes
  • Cost per week: $240-$320
  • Choose your therapist: No

Pride Counseling

  • Accepts insurance: No
  • Licensed providers: Yes
  • Cost per week: $240-$480
  • Choose your therapist: No


  • Accepts insurance: No
  • Licensed providers: Yes
  • Cost per week: $240 and up
  • Choose your therapist: No


  • Accepts insurance: No
  • Licensed providers: Yes
  • Cost per week: $160-$320
  • Choose your therapist: Yes


  • Accepts insurance: No
  • Licensed providers: Yes
  • Cost per week: $228-$360
  • Choose your therapist: No

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Online Therapy Provider

It takes courage to seek help for mental and emotional issues. You deserve to work with a provider who can honor your decision by providing care that is professional, affordable and tailored to your needs. 

Getting care from one of the best online therapy companies can be the right solution for many. Use this guide to find a therapy platform that can help you address your concerns and move forward with confidence and clarity.

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