11 Best Nursing Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

We review the 11 Best Nursing shoes for people with Plantar Fasciitis and review the pros and cons of each.
3:05 PM, Jun 30, 2023
3:05 PM, Jun 30, 2023
11 Best Nursing Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis, Sponsored

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Nurses, especially those with flat feet, tend to suffer from plantar fasciitis. It's a form of foot pain characterized by inflammation in the tissue between the toes and heels.

As you can imagine, this is so uncomfortable considering how nurses have to stand and walk most of the day.

But there is a way to minimize the risk of getting plantar fasciitis. And that's by wearing a shoe for nurses.

In this post, you'll find a list of shoes made for healthcare workers. Anyone who is on their feet for hours will appreciate wearing any of these comfortable shoes.

Top Nursing Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Aetrex Bondi White Synthetic

TheAetrex Bondi White Synthetic addresses most of the concerns that a medical professional might have regarding footwear.

First off, it has arch support to help nurses stabilize and align their feet while on the job. This leads to a lower chance of developing plantar fasciitis as well as other common forms of foot pain.

It has extra cushioning which means you'll feel comfortable wherever the day takes you. The arch support keeps your feet in their natural alignment.

These nurse shoes are water-friendly. That means you'll be able to wipe off any liquid that manages to find its way to your walking shoes. It also helps that these shoes are light. You'll barely feel them on your feet.

And since these are slip-ons, you don't have to deal with straps or fasteners. You can get in and out of them pretty quickly.

Dansko Kane Pearl Synthetic

TheDansko Kane Pearl Synthetic is ideal for nurses that need ventilation holes for breathability. While these holes may not look like much, you'll be happy that they're there especially if you're on a 12-hour shift.

Not only does this shoe keep your feet comfortable, but it also makes cleanup a breeze. You can just wipe dirt off it.

You'll be happy to hear that this product is 50% made from friendly carbon-negative, bio-based EVA. Not only are you helping the environment, but you're also getting a lightweight and durable product.

There's a footbed that makes it absorb shocks better than an ordinary pair of shoes. Alternatively, you can remove the footbed altogether if it'll make the shoe more comfortable to wear. It's really up to you.

Considering what you're getting, it's an affordable shoe at just over $70 as of this writing.


CERI is great for anyone looking for a black shoe option for nurses. Though it is worth noting that this pair is available in white and tie-dye colors as well.

It has slip-resistant outsoles, making it a great pair to wear when dealing with wet flooring. It's made from stain-resistant leather uppers. Which is why it has a more classic look.

It will pair well with most uniforms, even those outside the medical niche. You can even wear them on a night out with your friends if you'd like. They're totally versatile.

The insole can keep the inside of the shoe cool and dry thanks to its breathable property. So it will keep your feet dry even on a long day.

But what if they get dirty? Like other shoes on this list, you can wipe dirt off with a clean rag.

Align Arya

TheAlign Arya is one of the more fashionable pair of nursing shoes on this list. It's available in two colors: charcoal water (gray) and moonlight navy (blue).

This shoe's lining is made from recycled material. And the monk-strap clog stretches so you'll always feel comfortable wearing them. The soles assist with keeping your feet in the proper alignment for added stability and support.

It's also capable of reducing the stress placed on your feet's joints and tendons. Combined with its slip-resistant outsole, you'll have the confidence to move around without worrying about plantar fasciitis.

Because of the slip-on design, taking the pair on or off should be quick and easy.

The maker of this shoe recommends that users wear them for a few hours a day at first. That should be enough to break them in. Afterward, you can use them all day and not feel any foot fatigue.

Brooks Glycerin 20

Are you the type that needs to have more than one pair in different colors? ThenBrooks Glycerin 20 might be the right shoe for you.

This particular model comes in at least 15 colors, some of which are limited edition colors. These look more like your typical athletic shoes which is great for fans of that style.

While these are technically advertised as running shoes, there's no reason why nurses shouldn't be able to wear them while on shift. They have superior shock absorption that makes them better for all-day use.

The uppers are also made from recycled materials so you're also doing your part to help the environment when you buy a pair.

The shoes also have a breathable air mesh upper that not only keeps your feet cool but also secures them in place.

Talya Slip Resistant

TheTalya Slip Resistant shoes by OrthoFeet are perfect for anyone that's not afraid to stand out. The lavender color option is truly an eye-catcher that's fun as it is comfortable to wear.

There are several reasons why it is good for your feet starting with the insoles.

It has anatomical arch support and heel pain relief. These give the shoe adequate shock absorption. By the way, the arch support is adjustable. There's an arch booster that you can insert to add more support.

The insoles are made from anti-microbial fabric and foam.

The toe box is wider as well. This gives you enough room for your toes to wiggle around. As for the upper, it is water-repellent. Liquids should just slide off upon contact making the shoes easy to clean.

If you're starting to feel plantar fasciitis symptoms, then you should consider buying this pair.

Snibbs Spacecloud Work Sneakers

It's hard finding nurse shoes for men that look as good as theSnibbs Spacecloud Work Sneakers.

This shoe is one of the best-looking pairs available for supportive footwear. And there are a lot of color combinations available so you don't have to stick to one look. These are good enough to wear outside of work.

But these won't do you any good if they're not comfortable — which luckily, it is.

The shoe is slip- and water-resistant. And it is 100% vegan. It's made from nearly 100% recycled materials so it is a sustainable product.

It's a slip-on shoe with an adjustable lace option. So you get the best of both worlds when it comes to adjustability and convenience. And it performs well in wet areas. There's no danger of you slipping while wearing this shoe.

There are alsowomen's versions of this shoe.

Women's GDEFY Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes

TheGDEFY Mighty Walk Athletic Shoes are breathable sneakers with a soft lining and low-profile design. GDEFY claims that its VersoShock technology can help its users relieve pain in the knees by up to 85%.

Other factors make this an excellent choice for nurses. It comes with removable insoles so you can adjust it based on your personal preferences. That makes it so much better to walk on hospital floors for an extended period.

It's also made from breathable mesh which provides some much-needed ventilation. There's even a bigger toe box for improved blood circulation. And there's enough supportive cushioning to relieve you of plantar fasciitis pain.

Nurses also love the fact that these shoes come in a range of colors. So you can pick one that works best with your uniform regardless of what industry you're in.

By the way, this shoe could be eligible for Medicare reimbursement.

Skechers Work Relaxed Fit: Comfort Flex SR - HC Pro SR

TheWork Relaxed Fit: Comfort Flex SR-SC Pro SR is a shoe made for real nurses. It gives all the foot protection that healthcare workers need while performing their day-to-day activities.

It has a sporty yet casual appearance. They're lightweight shoes with a lace-up form factor, making them ideal for those people that want control over how their shoes fit. Its slip-resistant design makes it a proper footwear for hospitals and nursing facilities.

A pair will come with air-cooled memory foam. Not only does that make this a great shock absorber, but also it keeps you cool and relieves you from arch pain.

Customer reviews are mostly positive with users complimenting its stylish and comfortable design. However, some reviews indicate that the shoe wears out quickly.

Others commented that it needs to be broken in but that's true for athletic sneakers in general so take that for what it's worth.

BALA Twelves

BALA Twelves shoes are not cheap at all. But they are fan favorites in the nursing community not only for their looks but for the comfort they deliver. It helps that BALA sells them to both men and women.

People love them because the durable rubber outsole is high traction. That means it won't squeak as you walk around. The shoes are also machine-washable. So you shouldn't have a hard time keeping them clean.

BALA also made the shoes fluid-resistant because they know what sort of messes nurses have to deal with on any given day.

The supportive insoles have arch support. It has dynamic cushioning that absorbs impact as you walk. And its Knit Fit technology gives the shoe some room for when your feet begin to swell.

As of this writing, there are seven colors available for purchase. The shoe has an average rating of 4.5 stars based on over 2,000 reviews.

KURU Quantum

TheKURU Quantum is another shoe that's available to both men and women. It has width options so you can go wide or medium. That's great news for people with wide feet.

The shoe is available in four colors: IndigoBlue-SlateGray, JetBlack-SlateGray, JetBlack-Charcoal, and Tungsten-Cardinal Black.

Most of the shoes' features aim to address joint pain caused by plantar fasciitis. So there's no question that these are shoes for nurses. While healthcare professionals have different foot shapes, the KURU Quantum will likely fit well.

The mesh uppers have a breathable design. And there's a lot of room for your toes to wiggle around. So no more sweaty feet.

And these are the furthest thing from unsupportive shoes. It has structured stability that gives users a firm foundation every time they take a step. The sole responds to every step so that it hugs your feet as they move.

These lace-up shoes just might be what you need to get through the day. Reviewers of this product claim that the Quantum is now their favorite shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Nursing Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Here are a few questions that the community often asks about nursing shoes and plantar fasciitis.

What is Plantar Fasciitis and How Does it Affect Nurses?

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the tissue that runs across the bottom of the feet. You get it from standing and walking around all day.

That's the reason why nurses often develop symptoms of plantar fasciitis. This is especially true for those that don't wear cushioned shoes.

What Should I Look for in a Nursing Shoe if I Have Plantar Fasciitis?

You want a shoe with slip-resistant soles, a contoured footbed, and responsive cushioning. Some nurses look for shoes that are easy to clean because of how messy the job can be.

Are there Other Treatments or Remedies that can Help with Plantar Fasciitis Besides Wearing Supportive Shoes?

Yes, there are. You can try icing and medication. Some look into physical therapy as a long-term solution. Resting your feet is always a good option though that's often not an option for nurses on active duty.

How Often Should I Replace my Nursing Shoes if I Have Plantar Fasciitis?

Some suggest replacing shoes every 350 to 500 miles. Though there are nurses that replace their shoes every three to six months.

What are Some Tips for Finding the Right Nursing Shoes for my Individual Needs and Preferences?

The best way to find the right shoe would be to consult foot specialists as all feet are different. Your needs will be different from others.


You don't need to suffer from plantar fasciitis just because you're a nurse. You can get closed-toe shoes that have supportive midsoles to make your day more comfortable.

Any of the shoe suggestions above should work for you. It mostly boils down to finding the right style and pricing.

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