Best Online Psychic Reading Sites - Top 4 Psychic Readers by Phone, Chat & Video

The absolute best online psychic reading sites for accurate predictions, Top-rated psychic readers for world-class mystic services
11:15 AM, Jul 20, 2022

Psychic readers will help you with all your life decisions and problems, but we will help you with the most important one yet- choosing the right site and psychic. Once you've chosen the right psychic, you will indeed be able to navigate yourself on to your next voyage

Online psychic readings can be a sanctuary for you when life becomes like a bleak, dark cloud hanging over your head that incessantly rains down on you. Not only can online psychic readings provide a break in the clouds, but they can also show you where the rainbow is. It can be a compass pointing home for those lost in the dark and overwhelmed with uncertainty.

Psychics online are people who have mastered the art of clairvoyance through mysticism. They use their skills to help steer your ship through rocky waters. Many people falsely believe that psychics predict the exact future so you can change it according to your will. That is not the case. Psychics online experts only reveal information that can help you make informed decisions about your future or provide a new perception of previously known information.

There is much more to psychic readings than meets the eye. Contrary to popular belief, this art has much more to offer than just giving advice. It will help you make sense of the secrets of the cosmos. Instead of staying dependent on psychic readings for every path you take in life, it will make you confident enough in your ability to make the right decisions yourself.

Finding the right psychic has much more research involved than you thought. It can often be a hit and miss, but once you know the right places to look for, you can narrow down the psychics skilled at the particular aspect of your life whose reading you require.

Online psychic reading has made this research very easy. Now, all the psychics are only a click away! The downside to anything on the internet is the frauds that come along with it. Don't worry; with a little bit of help from our guide, you'll be able to recognize who the real psychics are and where to find them.

Consider the following four as the best options for exploring psychic readings online,

Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms to Explore in 2022

1. Kasamba – Best Psychics Online Website for Gaining Clarity in Life

2. Psychic Source – Best Psychics Online Website for Love, Commitments, and Relationships

3. California Psychics – Best Psychics Online Website for Spiritual Readings and Healing

4. Purple Garden – Best Psychics Online Website for Money Matters & Career Psychic Predictions

Keep going to learn all you need to know about the best psychic online platforms in the industry.

1. Kasamba - Best Psychics Online Website for Gaining Clarity in Life

When searching for an online psychic website to gain a positive perspective in life, look no further than Kasamba. It is the best option when it comes to seeking answers to clear your head. While the platform is famous for numerous other mystic services, their psychic online reading services are the one to watch out for. They are quite popular throughout several decades. The mystic portal is well-reputed for helping people get a clear perspective in life through expert advice and reliable psychic predictions.

Trusted by Millions of Psychic Online Customers

Kasamba is home to more than 3 to 4 million happy customers who come from different parts of the planet seeking the truth. When things are no longer under control and there is no way out, an online psychic reader from Kasamba can help save you. People trust Kasamba for their reliable and accurate readings and become brand loyalists for the mystic portal.

Moreover, Kasamba is on a mission to make psychic online readings more accessible for its millions of customers through multiple channels. You can download the mobile app for both Android and Apple devices and connect with your psychic online expert with just a few clicks.

What Are Customers Saying about Kasamba?

“I was looking for an online psychic reading platform that could help turn my life around and Kasamba entered the picture then. When I started seeking out online readings from the platform, at first, I was highly impressed with the outlook of the portal. It was quite easy to set up my account and then I also got free psychic reading minutes after signing up and that was a huge plus point for me. I carefully selected my psychic online expert on the platform and poured my heart out to her. The lady was super friendly and made me feel at ease so I could openly discuss all the things that were bothering me. She then shared detailed and comprehensive psychic readings with me, explaining everything step by step. Now I cannot even imagine going to any other platform other than Kasamba for psychic readings. 100/10 points from my side. That’s how amazing their psychics online services are. Try it yourself and you will agree with me.”

Free Psychic Reading Exclusive Offers

When looking for free psychics reading online, Kasamba is one name you are certainly going to find on top of the search results. As one of the industry's most famous platforms, Kasamba takes pride in offering free minutes for its new members in hopes of making psychic readings more accessible for everyone.

The offer starts from a three-minute psychic readings trial for new sign-ups. This means that the first three minutes of your first session at Kasamba will be FREE, giving you a sneak peek into their mystic world. Moving forward, you can enjoy another exclusive 70% discount on your next readings.

⇒ Register at Kasamba and get your hands on a Free 3 Min Trial 

2. Psychic Source - Best Psychics Online Website for Love, Commitments, and Relationships

Psychic Source has been providing love psychic readings to its customers for several decades. The platform is home to millions of satisfied psychic online users who trust Psychic Source for their various mystic services, including love readings, spiritual readings, tarot readings, dream analysis, psychic medium, etc. Psychic Source is known as one of the best psychics service providers in the industry, with their experienced online psychics providing specialized readings in different categories.

Love readings at Psychic Source are widely popular, with people from around the world coming to the platform to find a remedy for their broken hearts. The psychic readings will help you deal with failed relationships, commitment-related issues, cheating or abusive partners, and other matters of the heart. Moreover, people who have never been in love can also come to Psychic Source to get answers on how their love life will frame out in the future.

Chat Psychics + Phone Psychics for Love Readings

If you are new to exploring love psychic readings at Psychic Source, you may have a lot of apprehensions regarding how the platform works. Psychic Source offers you both chat psychic readings and psychic phone readings for a love psychic readings. You can chat with an online psychic expert specializing in love readings if you are not comfortable with a phone session. This option is ideal for introverted and shy people who still want to explore psychic reading online but do not want to put themselves out there.

Moreover, on the other hand, some people prefer a more interactive psychic reading experience, and phone psychic reading works like a charm for them. They can still stay anonymous during their psychic reading session and make the most of it if they want. A pro tip is to list all the questions you need clarity on and discuss them with your psychic reading expert, so you do not miss out on anything.

What Are Customers Saying about Psychic Source?

“Love is never a smooth sailing ship, it is always full of complications. This was the reason why I came to Psychic Source looking for some relief for my broken heart. It all started 2 years ago when I found my wife cheating on me with her supposedly best friend. It was unreal and I was in shock for weeks. After being married to her for 6 years, she decided out of the blue that she no longer wants to be with me anymore. No warning sign. Nothing. Saying that I was devastated would be an understatement. But the only good thing that came out of that heartbreak was me discovering Psychic Source. It was a transformative experience for me. I went on from being a damsel in distress to a confident and optimistic man, with his faith restored in love. The readers at Psychic Source really know what they are doing. When I spoke to my expert, I was amazed to see how personalized and specialized their readings were. I went to get accurate predictions for my love life and that's precisely what I got. This platform has completely changed my perspective on online readings. I have been a regular member at Psychic Source ever since and haven't looked back. In fact, I tried their other mystic services too like tarot readings, astrology readings, career forecasts, spiritual readings, numerology readings and more. It is safe to say that they were phenomenal and didn't disappoint at all. Have already told my friends and family to join the platform and enjoy their free readings. You should do the same."

Free Psychic Reading Exclusive Offers

When it comes to cheap psychic readings online, Psychic Source is an excellent choice. Not only does this mystic platform offers cheap psychics online but also free minutes for first-time users. Yes, you can enjoy exclusive psychic readings online from Psychic Source without paying a single penny. All you have to do is register on the platform in a few easy steps and avail the first three minutes of your psychic session for free. In addition, there is another special offer of up to a 75% discount on your online psychic sessions.

⇒ Become a Psychic Source member and get a Free 3 Min Trial  

3. California Psychics - Best Psychics Online Website for Spiritual Readings and Healing

If one name has been making waves in the online psychic reading world as being the best psychics online website, it has to be California Psychics. Established several years ago, the platform is still a front-runner in the online mystic industry, especially when it comes to spiritual readings. Millions of California Psychic customers come to the website in search of spiritual healing, and the spiritual readings expert at California Psychics delivers precisely what these lost souls are looking for.

User-Friendly Platform for Spiritual Readings and More

The best part about California Psychics is that the platform offers quick and easy solutions to cater to all your online psychic reading needs. Be it spiritual readings or psychic medium services, California Psychics has a user-friendly website that makes finding your ideal psychic online expert hassle-free.

You can use the multiple filters on the website to search for 'spiritual readings expert' using similar keywords, and you will see a list of all the available options for you. Later, you can further shortlist your psychic online expert by filtering them out based on experience, qualification, or the number of positive reviews. You do not have to be tech-savvy to get the hang of the website, and it is simple and easy to follow for everyone.

What Are Customers Saying about California Psychics?

"Hi. This is Hailey Brandon and I have just recently started taking spiritual readings at California Psychics. To be honest, I did not have my hopes too high for this platform as I had tried a few psychics online before and they all were disappointing in one way or the other. Fortunately, this was not the case with California Psychics – these guys know their shit! I can personally vouch for their spiritual readings as they have helped me make very crucial decisions in life. Moreover, their readings have also helped me gain peace of mind and clarity over a lot of important life aspects, thanks to their accurate psychic predictions. I used to make fun of people who claimed that psychics reading online could help them with spirituality but up until I met my psychic expert at California Psychics. From that point onwards, my views about psychic experts has completely changes. When it comes to spiritual readings online at affordable rates, California Psychics is naturally my number one choice. Sign up on the platform now and you will also agree with me after attending your first session. Don’t forget to avail your free psychic readings minutes when you do so. Good luck!”

Free Psychic Reading Exclusive Offers

California Psychics has the vision of making online psychic reading affordable for everyone. That’s why they offer free psychic reading minutes to all new members so they can experience how California Psychics works and get a taste of their expert online psychics services.

New California Psychics members can enjoy the first five minutes of their psychic reading trial for free. All they have to do is sign up on the platform, schedule their first session using the promo code 'ADD5' at checkout, and avail themselves of their free minutes. Moving forward, members can also enjoy cheap psychic reading rates starting from $1 per minute and enjoy value for money without compromising on quality.

⇒ Join California Psychics and enjoy a FREE 5-min Trial!

4. Purple Garden - Best Psychics Online Website for Money Matters and Career Psychic Predictions

Purple Garden is an exemplary psychic reading online platform that may not be an old player in the industry, but it is still noteworthy. Ranked amongst the best psychics online websites out there, Purple Garden offers a plethora of psychics online that cater to different niches and categories. The platform is well-known for its psychic readings on money, financials, and careers. From accurate future predictions to career forecasts to financial advice, you can find thousands of psychic experts who can help you in this category.

Experienced Psychic Experts Providing Career Forecasts

When it comes to a psychic online portfolio, Purple Garden has an impressive collection of thousands of psychic readers specializing in financial and career matters. Purple Garden follows a strict screening process when hiring psychic online reading experts to ensure they hire only the best out of the lot. This also helps maintain the integrity and credibility of the platform over all these years.

The psychic online reading experts at Purple Garden have multiple years of experience in their respective fields, allowing you to make the most of their knowledge and wisdom. You can also go through the user reviews on the website and see what people have to say about their experience with a psychic online reading expert. Another way of shortlisting your ideal psychic online expert is through their qualifications, which are laid out on the website, making things transparent for all the users.

What Customers Have to Say about Purple Garden?

“Every time I have to invest in a new business, it makes me so anxious. Thanks to my friend Alex who told me to try career forecasts from Purple Garden. I already knew a few friends from my circle who were using the platform for love readings, spiritual readings, tarot readings, fortune telling etc. so I decided to go ahead with it. Today, I’m glad that I made the choice. Purple Garden is ideal career forecasts and financial advice. They have qualified and experienced psychic online experts who provide you with reliable predictions. I used these readings to my advantage and made some sound decisions related to where to next invest in my business. The results have been great so far and I’m going to continue using the platform to see what else is there in store for me. Next, I am going to see how their astrological readings are. Fingers crossed.”

Free Psychic Reading Exclusive Offers

Purple Garden believes in offering cheap psychic reading services to its members so more and more people can join the platform and enjoy their services. They take free readings up a notch and bring a fantastic offer that no other platform can match. All Purple Garden new members can enjoy a $10 free credit with any purchase. You have to schedule your first session with them to avail the $10 worth of credit for free and use it to your advantage.

In addition, Purple Garden also provides cheap psychics online with rates starting as low as $1 per minute. Considering the quality of service, you get at Purple Garden, this is an excellent bargain.

⇒ Join the Purple Garden community and get a $10 FREE credit with any purchase!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you figure out what guidance you want from a psychic reading online expert?

Life is complicated, and you often search for answers to questions you do not even know! online psychic readings can be the solution to this problem. Many websites offer readings or conversations that help determine what you require. Others, like Psychic Source, have a list of questions or surveys to analyze the counsel you are searching for, so you can select the kind of psychic reading you want.

Are psychic readings more accurate when done alone or with someone else?

Best psychic readings online can be done both when you are alone, or you can have a trusted person by your side during the session as well. However, the presence of an extra individual can sometimes cloud the aura of the psychic or be a distraction for them. This can lead to an inaccurate reading. Furthermore, if you think you would not be entirely comfortable or honest with your advisor in the presence of your friend, you should do it alone.

How can you ensure safety during online psychic readings?

Most psychic reading websites go out of their way to ensure the safety of all their customers. This includes ensuring that your personal and financial information is unavailable to anyone else.

However, you can go further to protect yourself by only using verified or established websites for your online or free psychic readings. You can also check which website has more authentic positive reviews and testaments.

What makes online psychic sessions stand out?

1. Convenience

You can manage your schedule according to your timetable and availability. Place is also not a problem as the session can be conducted from anywhere you are, without going through the trouble of travel.

2. Versatility

Online sessions give you open options. What kind of reading you want, when, where and how - everything can be tailored according to your needs!

3. Anonymity

There is no better way to keep your identity a secret than online sessions. You can choose to keep your name and face hidden without worrying that anyone will find out about it. The top-rated platforms offer this feature so you can enjoy complete anonymity.

4. Value for money

You can find affordable readers on the web more easily than looking for them near you. You can further enjoy free minutes by availing the introductory discounts offered on various websites. Also, you get to save on fuel and travel costs!

How to prepare before getting a psychics online reading?

The key thing to remember is that reading online, and in-person can be very different. It is essential to remain patient and give yourself time to adapt to the situation. This will allow you to be more comfortable and express your emotions correctly to phone psychics or chat psychics, rather than just exchanging information. If you are patient and phrase your questions the right way, the psychic will give you the proper guidance. Rest assured, chat psychic readings, and psychic phone readings are just as effective as live psychic readings.

How much does a session of online tarot reading cost?

The cost of online tarot card readings can depend on many variables, such as the plan you choose or the psychic reader's experience. Depending on the plan and what is included, the price can range from as low as $0.66 up to $12!

Similarly, a tarot reader who has been in the business for much longer will charge you more for their expertise than those just starting. There are many free psychics available who are beginners.

If you want cheap psychic readings or the lowest-priced options, those are also available. Many famous and well-known websites, such as Kasamba and California Psychics, offer free tarot reading by master readers. Going through a few websites and their plans will help you select a plan that suits you best.

How to calm nerves before the first ever online tarot card reading session?

It is perfectly normal to have nerves before doing anything new! Similarly, an online tarot card reading session will be a new experience for you which is why it can feel a little daunting at first. However, you can calm your nerves by taking a few necessary steps. Find a reliable tarot card reader from a good website, so you don't have to worry about your safety first.

After that, you can move on to the reading itself. Remember that tarot readings or psychic predictions do not precisely predict your future. Instead, they can help you out with making the right decision. Once you get your mind around this concept, the tarot reading will become easy. Since you are new at this, take baby steps and only take three to four cards before proceeding to more. Once you get the hang of it and feel relaxed, you can advance to more cards.

How can a psychic reader guide me?

At the end of the day, what counsel you get from a psychic reader comes down to your individual experience with them. However, if all goes well, some benefits that you can get from a psychic reading are the following.

Advice: Psychics can extend their guidance to you in any aspect of your life. For example, love readings, fortune telling, astrology readings, oracle card readings, and past life readings are some things a psychic medium can help you with.

Perception: Psychics can understand circumstances in your life that are affecting your situation and provide details that you may have overlooked.

Support: Like a therapist, psychics can significantly support you during a hardship in your life.

Answers: Psychics are here to answer any burning questions about your life.

The best way to get the most out of your online psychic reading session is by letting your psychic medium know your questions from the very start so they can base their reading according to those circumstances and offer you relevant perception.

The Bottom Line – Psychic Readings Online Is the Answer!

As if searching for a psychic reader online wasn't hard enough, it's an uphill battle to find someone reliable who knows their work to a T. Our comprehensive guide will not only find the best psychics but also help and teach you how to navigate the websites to make the whole process easier for you.

People have started relying on psychics a lot more in recent years. They possess second sight and are the seers to guide the way for those who ask for it. They help people translate and correlate the divine signs to what is currently happening in their lives to improve their future. A psychic reading will leave you quite the wiser, with confidence and fulfillment in life that you never possessed before. After all, you only live once, might as well live it to the fullest, with a bit of help from your online psychic reader!

A way to achieve this contentment and peace in life is by putting complete faith in your psychic, letting them do their thing, and listening to their advice. Psychic readers often start by relieving you of any bad aura so you can acquire confidence and optimism. Once this has been done, looking into your problems to find the appropriate solution becomes much easier for them.

psychics can help you out with any problem bugging you in life. Are you tired of being lonely and can't wait to meet the love of your life? Exhausted of overworking yourself and still not getting that promotion? Having too many fights with your family or friends? Or is something bugging you, and you don't even understand the problem? Don't worry; a psychic will help you figure out all this and more, so you can take the appropriate measures to fix them.

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