Geni Cavitt

"Yours is a face I can really trust." That's what one of San Diego's Finest police captains once told Geni as she headed into Petco Park on a sunny San Diego evening. Her response? She smiled, hugged the officer and said "I paid him to say that."

That's Geni's charm. She is a well-known, trusted weathercaster and journalist with a self-effacing humor that makes her relatable.

After moving from Minneapolis to San Diego to become the co-anchor of a major local AM radio show in the 80s, Geni began to know, understand and adore her friends and neighbors here in San Diego. Now, nearly 30 years later, she can truly say that San Diego is "home."

"I love this place and its people. And what you see is what you get," says Geni. "Weather can be fickle but my friends and neighbors need to know what to wear and when to wash the car! I bring that same down-to-earth approach to my storytelling as well."

For the last 3 years, Geni has devoted much of her time and energy to the 10News Leadership series. She recognizes people who provide leadership by making San Diego a better place to live through helping others. At a recent "Leadership" shoot at a major San Diego medical center, one interviewee commented, "I was so nervous, but Geni is such a pro. She made it easy, like sharing with my sister or best friend. I wasn't afraid to open up." Thankfully, that's not unusual. In September 2001 (or was is 2003 Iraqi invasion), following the aftermath the World Trade Center attacks, one local family -- struck by personal tragedy that day -- refused to speak with any journalists, except Geni, saying, "We'll let you in because we feel like we know you."

"Moments like that break my heart and fill me with a sense of purpose, all at the same time," explains Geni. "What else are we here for if not to help each other in times of trouble?"

In 2007, Geni was one of the first 10News employees to become a "digital correspondent." In a weeks' time, she learned to shoot and edit video. Her daily routine includes buzzing around town in her trusty blue Toyota Matrix, setting up and shooting interviews, editing stories and delivering them on air, usually all in the same day.

When Geni is not on the air, she is busy volunteering her time with many worthy causes, including: the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Conference, San Diego Humane Society, National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Girl Scouts of America. In 2008, the Girl Scouts honored Geni as one of the "10 Coolest Women" in San Diego County.

Geni is also committed to reading programs in San Diego elementary schools as well as student Career Days. Her favorite moments are those spent with her husband, daughter and three precious grandchildren.

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