ABC 10News Advertising: A Complete TV & Digital Advertising Solution

At ABC 10News, we offer our clients a complete BROADCAST & DIGITAL ad solution. Whether branding through traditional commercial advertising, social media or DIGITAL SOLUTIONS, we have the tools to move your business ahead of the competition.

  • TV & DIGITAL: Combine the power of our multiplatform media channels to reach more customers
  • LEAD GENERATION: Utilize our proprietary technology to generate new leads
  • MOBILE: Reach active, on-the-go potential customers
  • VIDEO PRE-ROLL: Be seen on 10News, Google, and over 85K premium video players and sites
  • OTT & STREAMING VIDEO: Reach your exact audience streaming across thousands of long-form TV networks, programs, shows, and sites
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Connect with your target customers with social live streams, boosted posts, and other engagement-focused strategies
  • TRIVIA, POLLS & CONTESTING: Build a database of potential consumers through interactive experiences
  • SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING (SEM): Google search users will see your business with premium listings
  • REPORTING & ANALYTICS: Learn more about the target audiences your advertising reaches with custom data reporting
  • VIDEO: Production and Promotion

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