Craig's Forecast: Monday Will Be the Warmest Day of the Week

SAN DIEGO - I hope you had a great weekend! Monday will be a bit warmer than Sunday, a bit. We'll have the marine layer west of the mountains, but it will burn off earlier. We'll warm 2 to 4 degrees from Sunday and have a light breeze.

We'll cool Tuesday as the marine layer gets thicker thanks to a storm that will pass over NorCal through Wednesday. That storm will also make create a storng sea breeze Tuesday for more cooling. A different storm will arrive in San Diego next weekend and bring some much needed rain. 

Monday’s Temperatures:

Coast: 67-72

Inland: 78-83

Mountains: 75-80

Desert: 92-96

A new storm will bring some rain to the county overnight Friday into Saturday morning. We need it, we're behind over 5 inches on our yearly rainfall this season.   

Have a great Monday!

10News Meteorologist Craig Herrera

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