New accuser comes forward saying SDPD officer Chris Hays sexually assaulted her while on duty

Possible 5th victim in sexual misconduct case

SAN DIEGO - A new accuser has come forward saying San Diego police Officer Chris Hays sexually assaulted her while on duty.

Prominent San Diego attorney Dan Gilleon came into the 10News studio on Saturday saying a fifth alleged victim has come forward in an investigation involving San Diego police Officer Christopher Hays.

Team 10 first broke the story online Thursday. San Diego Police Chief Bill Lansdowne confirmed that an SDPD officer was being investigated for sexual misconduct involving four women.

"This is not skin- to-skin touching," Lansdowne said in an interview. "These are improper searches … The process is to use the edge of the hand with women, but if you cup or touch private areas that could be criminal act in and of itself."

Gilleon says the latest victim's claims against Hays are far more severe than what the victims before her may have alleged.

"What she's accusing him of is oral sex to get out of a ticket," said Gilleon. "That's what happened. She actually gave him oral sex back in October of 2012."

Gilleon says the woman first called police after seeing Team 10's story online.

"She has Channel 10 on her Facebook … she doesn't watch the news so it popped up and she saw his face," he said.

When police did not call her back, the woman then called Gilleon, who said he helped facilitate a meeting between her and authorities.

Gilleon says the woman claims Hays asked her to perform a sexual act to avoid getting a ticket.

"She was on the side of the road because the car had broken down and Officer Hays showed up," said Gilleon. "The driver, the owner of the car was out somewhere else, was trying to get gas ... and he saw her there and she was worried. She has some issues that she was concerned about and he basically intimidated her, and said, 'Listen, I'll give you a ride back home but get in the car' and at that point says, 'You go down on me and I won't write you the ticket.' And she felt like she had to."

Gilleon is no stranger to this type of case. He represented eight victims of former San Diego police officer Anthony Arevalos, who was convicted of preying on women while on duty.

Gilleon tells 10News this woman's allegations have nothing to do with "improper pat downs" and are eerily reminiscent of the Arevalos case.

A 10News crew knocked on Hays' door to see if he would respond to the allegations, but it was completely dark and no one was home.

"If he's doing this to her ... he's done it to other women and I would expect in like Anthony Arevalos, Filner... there's going to be other women coming forward," said Gilleon.

Gilleon says he and his client are cooperating with authorities until the criminal case is resolved.

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