Wintry weather causing headaches for travelers at Lindbergh Field

82 flight delays and 6 cancellations Saturday

SAN DIEGO - Travelers in and out of Lindbergh Field were advised to check their flight status with their airlines Saturday amid cancelations and delays prompted by wicked wintry weather in the Midwest and East Coast.

As of Saturday afternoon, 82 flights arriving and departing were delayed, and 6 flights were canceled. The canceled flights involved destinations, including Boston, New York and Chicago.

More than 2,000 flights were canceled nationwide Friday, the majority due to planes being held out of the storm-ravaged Chicago region and New England.

Airline operations managers were casting wary on a blizzard headed toward Chicago tonight, which could further disrupt air travel.

"We're watching another winter storm system moving into the Chicago area tonight, and that one has the chance to really have an affect on the system," Southwest spokesman Dan Lansen said.

Southwest Airlines, which comprise the majority of Lindbergh Field's traffic, did not have any cancelations.                                   

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