Two bodies found in Oceanside home

Police: Incident may be murder-suicide

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - Police believe it was murder-suicide that took the lives of two people inside an Oceanside home Thursday.

10News learned a neighbor contacted Oceanside police at about 10:40 a.m. to check on a home in the Arbor Hills condominium complex at 432 Edgehill Lane.

When police arrived, officers found the place locked. Both a front door and a sliding glass door were locked and the blinds were drawn.

An officer looked through a bedroom window and saw what he believed was a person on the floor. After no one responded to the officer's attempt to make contact, officers forced entry found a white man and a black woman dead.

Neighbors identified the deceased man as 57-year-old Dave Sherville and the deceased woman as 50-year-old Cindee Carter.

Some neighbors told 10News they became concerned this week when they didn't see Carter or Sherville, her soon-to-be ex-husband. The couple's blinds were closed and they didn't respond to knocks on the door or text messages.

"I just had a gut feeling, a bad feeling, and my intuitions were right," said Carter's best friend, Katie Colladay, who lives in the condo above her Carter and Sherville.

Colladay said the two were going through a bad divorce. Carter had found a new man and was moving on.

"Even though they were being very civil, she was moving on happy. He was miserable and unhappy because he was losing his best friend and he couldn't go through it," said Colladay.

The divorce would have been final in March.

Colladay first became concerned when Carter didn't show up at the Super Bowl party thrown at the complex's recreation center. On Monday, she became even more concerned when she saw Sherville with a bloody scab on his face and he was sweating profusely.  When she asked him what happened, she said he told her, "Oh, it's nothing," and went inside the apartment.  It was the last time he was seen alive.

Police would not reveal who killed who, but a neighbor who was there when they entered the apartment told 10News it appeared Sherville hanged himself.

Neighbors said they called police Wednesday asking for an officer to check on the couple, but a police dispatcher told them they were too busy. When Carter's brother contacted police Thursday morning, officers were dispatched to the home where they discovered the bodies.

Lt. Leonard Cosby told 10News he doesn't know why officers weren't sent out Wednesday, but said it would be investigated.

Police said the incident is under investigation, but "at this time it appears to be a murder-suicide."

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