Teenage girl allegedly recorded by hidden smartphone; repairman accused

DIRECTV repairman arrested in San Diego home

SAN DIEGO - A San Diego repairman could face criminal charges after allegations he secretly recorded a 17-year-old girl undress with his smartphone.

In the video obtained by Team 10, a repairman places the phone on the ground, leaves the room and then the teenager walks in wearing only a pink towel.

"This is a crazy case," said San Diego attorney Ted Burgess, who is representing the girl and her family.

Burgess said the video goes on to show his client take off the towel and get dressed. She did not see the phone until she got dressed.

"So she grabbed it and looked at it and then pretty quickly, you know kids and technology, figured out what was going on," said Burgess.

Burgess said the man in the video is DIRECTV repairman Jardino Mesina. Court documents said Mesina was called to the girl's San Diego home to fix the family's satellite TV last month.

"We can see him in his work uniform and his face as well," Burgess said.

"[He] did it in such a way as to capture the daughter as she exited from the shower," Burgess added.

Court records showed the girl played back the video and saw herself. She called her mother to the room, who then called police. Mesina was arrested before he left the home.

Mesina was booked and released on bond. Court documents filed by Mesina's attorney said the man was fired by DIRECTV as a result of his arrest.

Team 10 contacted DIRECTV, and a spokeswoman emailed the following statement:

"The safety of our customers is of the utmost importance to us, which is why all DIRECTV installers go through rigorous background checks and chemical screening prior to hire. We have confirmed that Mr. Mesina, who is no longer employed by DIRECTV, had undergone the necessary checks and screenings prior to hire and had no disciplinary actions or complaints on his record prior to the alleged incident. We take accusations like these very seriously and have cooperated fully with local authorities."

Burgess sought a restraining order against Mesina on behalf of the family Thursday. However, a judge denied the order because Mesina did not appear to be a threat.

Burgess said his client is scarred by the video.

"She feels violated. There's no question. She feels very violated about what happened," he said.

The 17-year-old victim may not be alone. Burgess said the mother and daughter found at least two other videos of other women on the repairman's smartphone. Those victims have not been identified.

San Diego police detectives have filed their report with the San Diego City Attorney's Office.

Mesina could face criminal charges. If convicted, he could be required to register as a sex offender.

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