Search warrants: Mystery tip led to break in home invasion series

David Grub arrested in connection with series

ALPINE, Calif. - A tip delivered by a mystery woman helped lead to the arrest of a man linked to a string of violent home invasions.

"We are overjoyed he has been arrested. We can sleep better now," said Jay Hawley.

In August, Hawley's realtor had just finished a showing of his La Jolla home when a man with a rifle showed up and forced the realtor to give him a private tour as he helped himself to fur and jewels, authorities said.

Outside, when Hawley and his wife showed up, authorities said the man shot at the ground. One bullet ricocheted off Hawley's face.

"Luckily, it missed my eye by a fraction of an inch. I do have some permanent vision issues," said Hawley.

According to search warrant obtained by 10News, the hunt for the shooter came to a head in late February, when an unknown woman showed up at the Sheriff's Substation in Alpine, dropped off a letter and left.

The detailed letter identified 43-year-old David Grub as the man behind the La Jolla case and two other home invasions, including one in December in Rancho Santa Fe, where a housekeeper was held at gunpoint and more than $250,000 in jewels were taken.

Authorities said after several victims identified him, Grub was arrested.

In the warrant, Grub is tied to a fourth case in La Jolla that also involved a housekeeper held at gunpoint.

According to the warrant, authorities said Grub has no phone, no driver's license and no job.

The documents stated search warrants were executed at several sites, including the Lakeside home of Grub's girlfriend and daughter.

Inside the home, authorities said they found a. 30-caliber rifle with a sawed off barrel, along with a shotgun and handgun. Additionally, more than 130 pieces of jewelry, watches and handbags were discovered, including Tiffany jewelry, a Gucci watch, and Kate Spade bags.

When 10News visited the Lakeside home, an unidentified older woman said through a screen door, "I really don't want to comment."

Authorities are just beginning the process of inspecting the jewelry, 10News learned.

On Thursday night, Hawley will be looking at the recovered pieces to see if any of them belong to his wife.

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