Sea lion pup rescued in Coronado

SeaWorld helping young sea lion recover

SAN DIEGO - A sea lion pup is recovering after being rescued Monday along the Silver Strand.

Coronado Animal Control officials received a report at about 8 a.m. of a young sea lion that had wandered onto the northbound side of state Route 75 in Coronado. Officials said the pup seemed to be scared and dehydrated.

"It could have been trying to get away from the cold and get away from people and found itself in an inconvenient location," Kourtney Sanders of SeaWorld Animal Rescue told 10News.

SeaWorld crews brought the pup to their animal rescue facility and found that the young sea lion was sick and underweight.

"We gave him some electrolytes; we got him some sub-zero fluids to get some calories in him and help with the rehydration process" said Sanders.

It will take about 2-3 months to get the sea lion rehydrated, and SeaWorld will observe if he is able to catch and eat fish on his own before he is released back to the ocean.

Last year at this time, SeaWorld rescued 25 pups. So far this year, they have rescued 72.

It's not clear what is causing the spike, but SeaWorld crews expect to rescue nearly 200 this  year.

"If an animal is sick we are always going to step in and help. If you see an animal in need always feel free to give SeaWorld a call," said Sanders.

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