San Diego woman could be next Marstronaut

Mars One Project intends to inhabit Mars

San Diego - By the year 2023 the Mars One Project hopes to establish the first human colony on the planet Mars, and Debbie Moss of San Diego hopes to go.  

"I've always wanted to be an astronaut since middle school, so when I saw they were taking applications I applied," she said.  

There is but one drawback, it would be a one way ticket.  

"Look, the people who set out in the new world couldn't go back either."  

More than 200,000 people around the world sent in applications, Debbie included.  

The list has been narrowed to 1,058 and Debbie made the cut.  A Naval officer for nearly 20 years with three post graduate degrees Moss is hoping to hear when the next phase will be.

"If selected for training it will be as isolated as Mars and every time you go outside you have to wear a Mars suit, so it will be a real test to see who is cut out for this," she said.  

Mars One is a privately funded attempt using available technology.  

"That's what drew me to it, this is not a government funded venture, yes it's a one way ticket but I've lived a full life here, so what's next., I mean the question is not why, but why not."

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